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(Please note - this is the NON-POLITICAL side. This is simply an announcement.
Flip to the Dark Side for the discussion).  

It's come to my attention that the council's litter warden contractors are now equipped with a vehicle.

It doesn't have LITTER WARDEN written on it, nor BGCGC.
It's simply an unobtrusive small grey hatchback, possibly an older-style Peugeot or the like.  When I next see it (now I know what it is being used for) I'll put the Reg No up.

The reason I'm taking this course of action is because of the manner in which these people are going about their job.
They are in effect staking out businesses, essentially takeways and pubs and I'm concerned that those places will lose business, becoming no-go areas for fear of accidentally missing the 'fag bucket' and getting no chance to pick it up.

I saw it in a quiet spot near a takeaway business and thought that the two people were a bit suspicious (drug dealing actually crossed my mind) but I now gather that it was litter wardens.

Also, dog walkers are being taken to task and told that they have broken the rules regarding 'dog free' areas. After they get issued with a fine the council then comes along and puts - yes, you've got it - 'Dog free area' signs up.

The point I'm making here is that DFA's are not that clearly marked. (In this instance the person was told that 'there's one down there and another up by the Lakes'.  The dog owner had passed neither of them).

Thanks for the warning Dave.  Re dog free areas and lack of signs that's been going on for nearly a year now.

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