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looking 4 crowley family

hi could any one help me find the graves of my g grandfarther and my g grandmother  john and hannah crowley i know john died in late 1800 when he lived in brook side row cwmtillery and hannah died in about 1905 when she lived in oxford st abertillery i know they were both catholic and came from county  cork ireland      thank,s mary

Hi Mary,
You could try Blaenau Gwent cemetry as its just around the corner from oxford street  its an old and no longer used could try tredegar libary as they have records on that cemetry or Blaenau gwent council but blaenau gwent will charge ten pound for a search.This is where I found my great grandparents grave as they also lived in oxford street. Yvonne.

Hi Mary

Hope this will be of interest to you. This is the only reference I can find for Crowley.

Grave purchased in Blaenau Gwent Cemetery by Jno of 10 Oxford Street Abertillery for son 15/10/1928.

Row 29/G078

Note: headstone has been removed.


looking 4 crowley famly

thanks lyndon the grave you mention is my great uncle he died age 6 its a mystery were my Gt grand perants are bried  i know at one time thay lived inTREVETHIN PONTYPOOL AND ABERCYON before thay came 2 Cwmtille

That must have been William Arthur Crowley.

Only other Crowley’s I can find in Blaenau Gwent are:

John Crowley 6 Grosvenor Road, 74 years, buried 27.03.1950
and Rose Crowley, The Hospital Aberbeeg, 63 years buried 27.03.1947

Don’t know if this is of any help to you.


crowley family

hi lyndon john and rose were my grand parents    john and hannah my great grand parents          thay lived near  Blaenau gwent and   st pauls cwmtillery i thought mybe  thay were buried there but not 2 be its a mystery  thanks again mary

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