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Looking for a Long Lost Uncle Terry

I am searching for a family member who is my Uncle Terry. He was 10 years old when he lived in Abertillery and was born in February 1946 and he would now be 69. He has a half sister (my mum) who was born in 1950 and they share the same birth mother. My mother only found out about his existence 2 years ago and is desperate to find him. If anyone has any information about Terry Cole (or possibly has taken a different surname) who lived in the Six Bells area from 1946 onwards we are all looking for you and would love to find you. You have a family who knew nothing about you until 2 years ago and we would really love to find you so we can tell you more about your birth mother and the half sister you probably never knew you had. Please if anyone has any information at all I would be so grateful if they could get in touch. We have a copy of your birth certificate so we can clarify any details with you. Thank you  Very Happy


I read somewhere that you do not understand.


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