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Eddie legge

Looking for Bertie 22

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Bertie 22
Are you still with us if so re my catholic priest uncle
I have since been informed that he died at Whitson Court Newport
where he also trained for the priesthood and that his Catholic name was Father Michael
My family and I believed Fred Kitchener Legge died in Hastings
Sorry to have given wrong information before
What was Whitson Court Newport and dose it still exist today
Would really appreciate your help

Eddie Legge
Ian Jones

Whitson Court is a quite rare Welsh example of a classically inspired family house. When the relevant volume of Sir Joseph Bradney's History of Monmouthshire was published in 1932, the house stood empty. Bradney's inability to interview descendants of the family responsible for building the present house probably explains his lack of attention to its history.  

It has often been claimed that the house is the work of the architect John Nash. However, John Newman (in The Buildings of Gwent) says "this is hard to believe". The house was almost complete in 1795, having been built for William Phillips.

Bradney is undecided on the derivation of the name of the manor but notes early spellings such as Witston, Widson and Wyttston. "In 1358 it was held by John de Saint Maur of  Penhow of Peter de Cusance by knight service, as of his manor of Langston"  (modern Langstone). In the 18th and 19th centuries a family named Phillips owned a large estate in the parish and lived at what was then called Whitson House. In 1901 the house went to a distant relative, the Rev. Oliver Rodie Vassall who later became Vassall-Phillips. "This gentleman, being a priest of the church of Rome, established a colony of French nuns in the house, but these have (by 1932) left ..."

Monumental inscriptions at Whitson Church indicate that the house was called Whitson House from at least 1789 (and for most of the 19th century) but was known as Whitson Court by 1903.
Eddie legge

Thanks Ian

Thank you Ian I honestly did not expect
to have been told so much and so soon
Only recently we were told about
Whitson Coart and that our uncle died there in 1938
I thought because Bertie 22 had been helping he might
have known about Whitson Court you say it was closed in 1932
our uncle we believe died there in 1938 I might be disapointed again

Thanks again Mr Jones
Eddie Legge
Ian Jones

Y/ w Eddie, just type Whitson Court Newport into Google.
There is lots of info on there, several different sites /posts to look at.

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