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looking for Inn or Cottage....

Can anyone let me know if there ever was an Inn or cottage called CASTLE INN OR COTTAGE INN... in or around this area....
pulling my hair and general gnashing of teeth trying to find details of this....
Many thanx if you do have any info about this...

Castle Inn was in Castle Street along with The Golden Lion (Dagmar) both gone now.

Looking for inn or cottage

The Cottage was a large house top side of Gwern Berthi Road Cwmtillery.


Many thanks for the speedy reply... normally things like this dont stump me..
"The Cottage" was it ever called Cottage Inn?? and have you any dates for either??

Whereabouts on Gwern Berthi cowpat?

Wasn't there a Castle Inn near St Illtyds,the building just up the rd is also called Castle Cottage.

Yes there was a Castle Inn near St. Illtyds in 1901 Jenkin Jones was the proprieter the cottage I think was up a bit further as you said

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