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Eddie legge

Looking good for labour

looking good for labour again in Blaenau Gwent
Former council leader launches comeback, Des Hillman is calling on true independents to join him fighting the next local council elections in Blaenau Gwent.
What is a true independent-are they supposed to act collectively with others or operate entirely alone? †
Lest we forget the sad death of Blaina independent councillor Margaret James called for a local by election, it was then that Des Hillman set up another new entity Blaenau Gwent Independent Group (BGIG)
There was defiantly a BGIC independent candidate, Carole Hillman wife of leader Des who stood above the other two independents as the official independent candidate
The winner was Yvonne Lewis, a candidate without any affiliation, labour second and Carole Hillman third
What may we ask prompted Des Hillman to promote his wife as a candidate? For his new BGIP,
Whatever, it must have been an embarrassment for him as an acclaimed leader that his candidate was rejected, and heaven forbid it didnít work then, and he wants to put us through it again
Why did the voters of Blaenau Gwent turn their backs on labour? †
Before 2005, the parliamentary constituency of Blaenau Gwent was the fifth safest Labour seat in the UK, and the safest seat of any in Wales, It had an important role in the history of the party, having been held by Labour giants such as former leader Michael Foot and the revered founding father of the National Health Service, Nye Bevan
With the loss of heavy industries and the controversial All Women short list Blaenau Gwent voters turned to the newly formed Peoples Voice and independents to represent them at Westminster Cardiff Bay and the local council
Labour has since taken back the Parliamentary and Assembly seats and with the loss of its council leader the Blaenau Gwent Independent group has now formed a coalition with labour
Eddie Legge

Whats your point?

SonOfACynic wrote:
Whats your point?

What is it about the content of his previous posts that makes you think there would be a point?  Laughing

tricking myself to make it worthwhile reading the post in the first place  Rolling Eyes

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