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Love Is and The Waybridge

Have you ever loved something or someone so much, that you’d do anything for? Risk anything for, Bill has, and for this he is willing to do anything.  For Gill and Bev its another day another house, nothing more, nothing less, but what secrets does this room hold.  If walls could talk, what would they say.

The Waybridge

There is the place between Heaven and Hell, and beware all who entre.  This is not the place to be for the faint hearted, and fate does not smile on those who have found their way there.  All of their most darkest deeds are laid bare to be picked over by the mysterious Man.  

Following their last success there two plays written by Frankie Baskerville
to be performed at the Metropole Theatre on the 8th and 9th June (tue /wed).

Go along and enjoy a wonderful evening's entertainment

Are these definitely on Carolyn as I can't find anything on the Met website and had heard nothing about them?

I phoned The Met and the plays have been postponed. I was told that in fact they are both one act plays which will be held on the same night.

I'm quite glad really as I would have been struggling to get there at such short notice and I would have hated to miss them.

Thanks for sorting that out Martyn.  I would have felt the same since I was looking forward to seeing them myself I enjoyed them last time.

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