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Eddie legge


Anthony Earl-Williams
You are not the only man of god who has aired his political beliefs in public
The Rev Geoff Wagget of Christchurch Ebbw Vale one time vice chairman of Peoples Voice was another
I was christened in Catholic Church Brynmawr 1936 having said that I am not a regular church goer more less than often    
Had my Catholic priest uncle been alive today I would have asked him to explain
Why after World War 2 did the Vatican help NAZIS escape justice
Classified documents on Adolf Eichmann remind the world of the Catholic
Church’s role on protecting Nazis
My next question to you    
I know full well how Poland suffered during World War 2 and not only under Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin was another member of the devils earthly scouts to have brought  Death destruction poverty and misery to a proud brave people  
However on the matter of Christianity and love thy neighbour why for many hundreds of years has Jews been persecuted and in the twentieth century not only in NAZI Germany
During the Second World War European countries occupied by the NAZIS, Jews were treated very badly by their own neighbours      
Did you know that Poland’s president apologised again for the murder of hundreds of Jews by their Polish neighbours 70 years ago –a World War 11 massacre that caused painful soul searching in their country when it was revealed in 2000
I have seen for myself on Sky 520 World War 11 documentary programs, Jewish men women and children being abused by civilians in some instances made to scrub the street while civilians looking on and laughing
To see the poor dabs holding hands while carrying their personal belongings, helping each other to climb aboard a cattle truck honestly believing they were going to a civilian encampment to be interned
Is it true father that we are not all perfect, some will care others wont, some will share others dont “More love in the world less would die” Would you kindly wipe the tears from my eye    
Eddie Legge
Anthony Earl-Williams

Eddie and Jewish people

Dear Eddie, I agree with most of what you say - and I AM still trying to trace your Uncle's death and place of burial. I need more information. Two priests are helping with this.
I am afraid to say that the majority of Catholic Poles have always been anti Jewish. It is no use asking me why. I am not Polish.
But I do take issue that the Vatican was ever pro Nazi. Pope Pius X11 helped resue many Jews and indeed they were sheltered in the Vatican cellars.
Many Europeans before the War had ambivalent attitudes towards Jewry - which, of course, is why the holocaust could happen. It wasn't only the Jews who went to the concentration camps - many gypsies, gay men and Catholic priests also perished. But you will know this.
Father Maximilian Kolbe, now canonised, gave his own life willingly (by lethal injection) so that a young Jew might live.
I hope you do get up to Brynmawr to Mass sometimes.
All the best,

What on Earth is this doing on the Dark Side ?????????


Genocide goes against every basic human principle, (that's the rules we all realise we need to adhere to, thus preventing anarchy and the ultimate self-destruction of the human race).

But that's not the point.
How DARE you seek to make political capital out of mankind's darkest days.

As I write this tears flow down my cheeks Eddie Legge.
It's just over 5 years ago that 3 friends and me 'did the pilgrimage'.  

Everyone we saw on that Friday afternoon in March 2007 was there for the same reason - to, in some way, show support from a later generation, so that History could continue to teach, so it could continue to scream 'NEVER AGAIN'.

Sorry, I should have said everyone except a bunch of Israeli kids who thought it 'cool' to have a group photo taken under that damned gateway, beneath those accursed words 'Arbeit Macht Frei', all smiles and thumbs up.

We stood in the guard post at Birkenau, looked out over the killing fields, and the words of a David Bowie song flooded my brain.
Because that day I gazed a gazely stare, at all the millions there who must have died, thinking they were alone, that their God and the human race had deserted them.  

They never for one second thought that 70 years on there would be a Grade One prat living in the Valleys who would use their suffering in order to score political points in a debate over religion.

And you're not getting one more second of my time.
And I hope that everyone on here feels and does the same.

Admin brought you back, brought you back by popular demand it seems, because you stimulated conversation.
You won't be stimulating me anymore I can tell you, foolish man.

Ever seen 'Death in Rome' starring Richard Burton ?
Eddie legge

To Admin and all Forum Members
I  honestly did  not write about
Love Thy Neighbour to score political points, If I have again
posted in the wrong section I am geunuinely very sorry
Cllr Rocke has again tried to use me for his own political gain
There is a thin divididing line between criticism and abuse
Cllr Rocke said They never thought for one second 70 years on there would be a Grade One prat living in the Valleys who would use their
suffering to score political points in a debate over religion
Cllr Rocke and I have crossed swords on many occasions mostly political whatever has been said in the past  I can honestly say I have never disliked him
Having said that may I say to Cllr Rocke do you know how much an ill word may empoision likeing

Eddie Legge

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