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March -new who's who now up!

March -new who's who now up!
john gibbs

tony rees aka ringo rees is the teacher in both pix,

picture 1 Im sure its Rob llewellyn in the back row 4th from the right (not including mr stripey socks standing up)

In Picture 2 the chap sitting to the right of the teacher looks like Mike Lewis to me and the handsome young chap stood behind Mike looks like my dad Ray Brooks - hope Im not wrong on that one.
Steve M

Who's Who


Rob Llewellyn is the 4th person in the back row.  'Stripey Socks' is Howard Page.

You have obviously spotted your Dad - my old pal Ray Brooks.  Give him regards please from Stephen Marks.


I will certainly do that! Glad I wasnt wrong about it being him!


The chap on Tony Rees' left in Picture 2 is my dad, Tony Bull. He's only in his first year on that photo I think.

His cousins Keith Cokeham and Colin Lewis are on the photos as well.

My mother's cousin Dennis Edmund Lane, killed in the Six Bells mine disaster is on the ist right middle row picture one and 1st right sitting on the chairs in the front of picture 2 I think.

Stephen please can you confirm as the list of correct answers to this has been mislaid Embarassed

The chap on the far right on the 2nd picture was my dad's best man, Ralph Saunders.

Hi Bovine Would that be the one standing behind Dennis Lane?

I go sit on the naughty chair I have got it wrong Dennis lane is 6th from the left in the rear row on photo one or 5th not including the master Embarassed   I am waiting for the answers for photo two so no doubt I have that wrong as well Embarassed

These are the names for photo 2

Back Row Standing (Left to right):

John Hale, ?, ?, ?, John Amphlett, Tony Hooper, David Paul

Third Row Standing:

?, Clive Cook, Steve Marks, ?, ?, ?, ?, Ray Brooks, ?, ?, ?, ?, Ralph

Second Row Sitting:

Richard Morris, ?, ?, Tony Bull, Tony Rees (Master), Mike Lewis, ?, Howard
Morgan, Dennis Lane

Front Row:

?, ?
Courtesy of Stephen Marks
pent boy

Photo 2 colts team,more names.

Hi Carolyn,I can add quite a few more names for you.Back row, J.Hale,Tony Jones,Barry Withers,Peter Tingle, J. Amphlett, T. Hooper,D. Paul. 2nd row, Billy Williams,C.Cook,S.Marks,?, Martin Williams,Ralph Ponting,Deri Jones, Jeff Hurley, Jeff Dorrell, Melvyn Mitchell, ?, R.Saunders. 3rd row,R.Morris,Len Wall, ?, ?,T.Bull T.Rees, M.Lewis,Martin Bryant, H.Morgan,D.Lane. Front row, ? ,David Cunvin.My memory must be starting to go as I have always been able to recognise,and put a name to people from years ago, but there are still a few on there that I just cant bring to mind. Confused
pent boy

Photo 2

Apologies,1st person 2nd row is Billy Rees not Williams.

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