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marriage information 2

I was born in Scotland Glasgow sept 1944 my mother was Mary ann (Morley) Rees and her husband was Harold Godfrew Rees from Abertillery married in April 1931 but don't know what church .
Both Mary ann and Harold Godfrey were born around 1910 as they both appear on the 1911 census. all information would be helpful
thank you
John Rees
from 1946 (Peter neil)

Sorry but I was unable to find a record of this marriage in the South Wales Gazette Archives. I will double check the whole quarter to make sure

marriage query 1931

HiCaroline and Reptile/ John
   Could not find anything in the records either BUT put Harold G Reese on a site i subscribe to on Find my Past. No births But marriage
to Mary A Morley, Reg dist BEDWELTY  1931 Apr/ may/June
Volume Number 11a Page 132.
 Hope this helps,and nice to be back

John/Reptile in your previous posting you state the date as 27th of April how did you come by the exact date of the marriage  Question

Hi Carolyn
got it of original birth certificate  8 days ago from Edinburgh

marriage information 2

Daughter Mary V Rees  registered Sep/Oct/Nov Bedwellty 1931 Mother Morley
Wedding Apr/May/June Harold G Rees and Mary A Morley Bedwellty 1931


Just looked up Ancestry and got the following :-

Harold G Rees born Oct 1910     Bedwellty

Mary Ann Morley Born July 1910

Married June 1931        Bedwellty, Monmouthshire

Hope this is what you require. The reg No is 11a 71.
Certificate held in :-
The register Office, Bedwellty House, Morgan Street, Tredegar,
NP22 3XN
If you call them the will give you the cost of sending you a copy Tel No 01495 353374

Sorry made a mistake.

Mary Ann Morley REg No 11a 71 birth

Harold Godfrey Rees  Reg No  11a 72 birth

Marriage :- Reg No 11a 132

Please disregard the registration number I gave you in the previous note. The above are correct

Thank you Ann Bath exactly what i wanted

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