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May 08 - new image now up

Thanks to Pam Stevenson for the new image. Have a look

Music Ensemble - Arael School 1949

This has broght back memories ! I definitely played in this band but I am not sure if I am the one with ribbons playing the cymbals at the back. I am fairly certain that the boy playing the drums with the curly hair and next to the tubular bells was Tony Watkins of Griffin Street.
I played the triangle, cymbals and the drums and remember playing the drums in the tune "the parade of the tin soldiers" in the church at the bottom of Llanhilleth pitch but I cannot recall the occassion.

What a lovely photograph - does anyone remember me ? I was Marie Webber at the time from Lower Lancaster Street, Six Bells and am now Marie Davison in Wiltshire.
Pam Turner

Hi Marie, Sorry but I am pretty sure the girl with the cymbals is Gwyneth Flook and the drummer is Jimmy Watkins. The photo was taken in June 1948 to mark the time when the band broadcast 2 tunes for the BBC . The broadcast was on air in July 1948. One of the tunes was "The March of the Toytown Soldiers" but I have forgotten what the other tune was. I know the band was popular before that time and also for a while after. We did attend lots of concerts around the area. Sorry to disappoint you
Pam (Wilson/Stevenson) Turner
pent boy

Pams photo of Abertillery youth 1969

Pretty sure the 5th player in back row is Alan James who lived in the villas between Sofrydd and Hafodyrynys, and a year or two later played for us at full back for Blaenau Gwent. The 1st gentleman seated in the 2nd row is almost certainly Rowley Jones? who lived in Bourneville road off Glynmawr street.He had a most distinguished career with youth rugby as a WRU representative and youth selector for many years.
Blind Pew

Abertillery Youth 1969

The 1st gentleman 2nd Row is Rowley Hill, not Jones, he was certainly on the Welsh Youth Rugby Union for many years. He lived on Grosvenor Rd his son now lives in Gilwern.

Sitting next to Rowley is Bill Thomas the owner of Hall the Builders which used to be in the lane at the end Neuadd St. Another committee man on the photo is Harry Bull, father of Graham.

The player sitting on the end of the bottom row is Stuart Berrow now on the committee of Croesyceiliog RFC.
pent boy


thanks blind pew, yes it was Rowley Hill  Iknew it wasnt Jones re the ?.Thought he lived in Bourneville road. Stuart Berrow, is that the same one who played a few seasons for my team Ebbw Vale as a winger a good few years back.
Blind Pew

Stuart Berrow

A brave man admitting to be an Ebbw Vale supporter, I thought you originated from the Western Valley???

Stuart is approaching 60, next birthday I believe and he was certainly a “flying winger”. I cannot remember him playing for Ebbw Vale, however he may well have, Aber are playing Croesy on Saturday, he more than certainly will be there perhaps someone can ask him. Whether he will admit to it is another matter!!!
pent boy

ebbw supporter

Hi blind pew,yes I was brought up in Aber, attended British and County schools, supported Aber rugby untill I was 16 when my eldest brothers hometown club had no use for him having already played for them while still in school, so he threw in his lot with Ebbw Vale.I will never forget his debut for them,it was against Aber in 1958/59 at Eugene Cross, Ebbw won 3 points to nil and I will leave it up to your imagination as to who scored the try that afternoon. He played untill 1965 and Aber didnt beat them once in all those years. I have been an Ebbw supporter ever since,and my brother went on to be reserve for Wales about a dozen times, and played for Wales under 23s in what I believe was the only occasion they picked a team for that age group

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