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MILLER FAMILY, Terry, Rita, Janice

Hi, looking to reconnect with long-lost family, not sure if Abertillery, Cwmtillery or both.
My uncle Terry Miller emigrated to Australia in the 1970's/80's. I don't think I ever saw much of him but I remember him very fondly and would love to get in contact with him again.
Terry had 2 sisters, Rita and Janice. Not sure which sister but one of them married a 'Roy' Rogers. They had 2 kids, Claire and Shane and once ran the New Bridgend pub in Cwmtillery.
There was another brother, my dad, Fred Miller, who used to play a lot of snooker by all accounts.
I think their Mum was Lillian Miller who died and I think my nanna Marion Miller was their step-mum.
Would be incredibly grateful for any help as I haven't seen any of the Miller clan since I was a child, due to a rift caused by my Mother  Sad
pent boy

millar family

The Millars lived in Preston street, I remember Terry and Freddy very well, we were about the same age, the last time I met Fred was through snooker, he was living in Newport and was playing for a club near the Royal Gwent hospital, British Legion? Saw him quite often in Newport and always had 5 or 10 minutes  chat with him, but havent seen him for about 30 years.

Thanks Pent, that's Fred alright. I think Fred is still around the Newport area. I would really love to find Terry, Rita and Janice again. Great to hear you remember them  Smile

I have found them!  
Thank you for all your help. Very Happy
john gibbs

Don't you just LOVE a happy ending Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

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