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mrh35 wrote:
Political bickering killed this site a long while back...and I cant get onto any other sections of the site

Next time people say to me 'Rocke, this Council and these councillors are Sh!t, get over there and sort it for us' I'll say 'no'.
I'll say 'I had 4 years representing THE PEOPLE and all I got was sh!t, and after my association with the Council finished I STILL GOT SH!T'.

Political bickering my backside.
I stood up for YOU mrh35 and all those 'ordinary' people in this Borough.
I saw through the likes of 'hedleymcarthy', 'tchambuli', Jack C Swann' and the Eddie Legge Project.
I exposed how YOU and all those 'ordinary' people in this Borough were being at best patronised and in reality having the p!ss taken out of you.

And when someone exposes that you think that they're only saying it because they want to get back in to power, by getting one over on their 'opponents'.

Well if I've been instrumental in killing this forum tough.
I gave 4 years of my life looking to break the mould.
I put up with astonishing ineptitude on one side and unbelievable viturpritude on the other, and all for less than a lot around here get whilst unemployed.  
There's an awful lot of people IN THIS AREA who thank me for what I did on their behalf.

And for what it's worth that means a lot more to me than you regarding me as 'the man who killed Abertillery Online'.

This site is now off my Startup Pages Tabs.


Dai, you didn't go to the opening of the new Lymes pub last night did you ?

Do you want a hand picking your toys back up Rocke? No-one mentioned your name.......................

We've all had a bicker and rant on the 'dark side'!!!!

Resume normal life innit maaaaaaaaaaaan.  Cool
Eddie legge

Why did he have to say S...

Admin when I mentioned opinions are like like our behinds we all have  
and because I said A.. h ... You thought it rude and told me so
Rocke has mentioned what comes from our behinds on three ocasions  
S... but not a word from you

Eddie Legge

That's a fair point Eddie. However, since he gave the impression he was leaving the forum there didn't seem a great deal of point in mentioning it.
Eddie legge

To all Forum members

Who said Next time people say to me “Rocke, this Council and these councillors are S…, get over there and sort it out for us’ I’ll say ‘no,
Big deal what did he sort out, Thanks to Rocke we had a running commentary on the number of times the labour leader had use of civic car  
His sore looser behaviour on Forum, blaming others in such an immature crappy fashion was politically very foolish
The wisdom of Sirach says don’t let your tongue destroy you  
And lest we ever forget it was ex councillor Rocke who used Abertillery on line Forum to promote him self and self alone and again S… is their thanks
Eddie Legge

You talking crap again Eddie  Laughing

OK. I've had to split this topic from it's original as it has once again descended into politics. No more please. And no more gratuitous swear words.

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