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More Work for the Voters of Abertillery Ward

Sorry good people, but this year you will not only have to cast votes to elect Borough Councillors but also Community Council ones as well.

That's because I intend to stand as a Community Council candidate for the Ward of Abertillery.

There are a number of reasons:

* There's a growing band of people who are not happy with the 'town council', the way things are run, and the money it's costing ( and where it's going). Cwmtillery Ward will be having 'alternative' candidates, so it's not simply going to be a cosy little club of putting up and getting in because no-one else stands. I am supporting those candidates.

* I'm not standing as a prospective Cwmtillery Ward town councillor because my experience as a Cwmtillery Borough Councillor has shown that Ward councillors are able to exert far more influence. Even though I would only be a town councillor I would have a mandatory say in issues affecting all of us, both as an individual and as part of a dynamic (see below) Town Council, and of course I could continue to work closely with Borough Council colleagues.

* The 'town council' could do so much more for us. It has many powers that could be used and give us far more control over local matters than being part of Blaenau Gwent does. Bus shelters, public seating etc could be provided and it has powers regarding dog fouling, littering, graffiti, flyposting and the like. It could use the money it extracts from us much more wisely, to compliment - NOT REPLACE - what the Borough does.

This is not a declaration of independence, although in a way I suppose it is, because the intention of me and my like-minded colleagues is to give the people of the whole of the Abertillery area the chance to say what they want done with the Community Council. It was foist upon them, and for years there's been no real challenge and pressure on it to produce the goods and enhance our environment.
Even the good things it started it's dropped into someone else's lap.

Four or five years ago people in Cwmtillery started saying they needed the chance to change things if they wanted. Only a chance, another option to Labour picking their councillors. People can only make that decision if they are given the option.

Me and my colleagues are standing in order to give you that.

If anyone wishes to give their friends, neighbours, relatives and every other citizen of the Abertillery and Llanhilleth Community Council area that alternative option then please feel free to contact me.

I can honestly say that while we would like to get elected, to become the majority and to give the town council back to you our prime motive is to afford the people the chance to say 'yea or nay'.

Choice comes through options, and we're giving you them.


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