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Eddie legge

nantyglo mine disaster 7th dec 1837

Not much to hide in a little town but what you sometimes do hear might be interesting to some and meaningless to others
My great great grandmother Mary Williams born in Nantyglo about 1801 married John Legg in Nantyglo 1824
An explosion was reported at a mine on or about the 7th of December 1837 that claimed seven lives
The mine was sunk during the early 1830's by Crawshay Baily at Pen-Garn-Fach, Nantyglo
Jane Legg age 13  was the youngest of the seven to die
There is every reason to believe Jane was the oldest daughter of Mary and John Legg
The son of that family another John Legg married Ruth Williams in Nantyglo 1856

Eddie Legge
Eddie legge


Street lights and dogs mess
Any one got anything of interest to discuss
Making threats under a alias you gutless so and so
Barry Island I love you
All past coments from Sirloinsteak
From Eddie Legge to you
This above all to thine ownself be true
And it must follow,as the night the day
Tho can'st not then be false to any man
Love truth but pardon error
Why did I offend you so?
Why do you still lie low?
What I said was not intended
Least said the soonest mended

Eddie Legge

nantyglo mine disaster 7th dec 1837

Hi Eddie
About 10 people died in this accident there is one woman Margaret Davies aged 18 yrs of Blaina .However there is a  JAMES LEGG aged
13years would he be your Relative ?

legg family

Sorry Eddie my fault as well  for answering you on somone elses thread!!!
John Legg born 6th OCT  1798 at  Llanover, Father   Francis Legge
Mother  Alice Christening St Bathlomew`s Llanover

Mary Williams was born 1803 at  Abergavenny Mon
Can`t find a marriage for Mary Williams and John Legg

John died Oct Nov Dec 1841 Registered at Pontypool
On the 1841 Census I found Mary Legg 40 yrs old . a widow,
living at The Ironworks Nantyglo.
Children were Ann  15 years
                      Mary 13years
                     John   10years
                     Richard 8yrs
                      Hannah 5yrs
                      Lewis     2yrs
     !851 Census Found Mary Legg mistranscribed as Leas 50yrs old a widow living at Garnvach. Head of Household and an indoor labourer
              Mary daughter   single   22 yrs      outdoor Labourer
              John   son               "      19 yrs      Miners labourer
           Richard son             "         16yrs           "         "
           Hannah daughter    "          14yrs      indoor Labourer
           Lewis    son             "          11yrs      Forge    "
   1861  Census finds Mary 6?yrs Widow Head living at
Bailey Row Housekeeper
             Richard  son single       23 years    coalminer
             Lewis     son  single      21   years   Haulier
      John Hooper  Lodger single  19years   Iron Furnace Man Devon
     Will have do the remainder tomorrow Visitors !!!
Eddie legge


Thank you Dragon Girl very helpfull
I have 1841 census
Mary Legg born abt 1801 Civil Parish Aberystruth
House hold members
Ann Legg age 15
Hanna Leg        5
John Leg          10
Lewis Leg           2
Mary Leg widow 40
Mary Leg             13
Richard Leg            8
Address  Nantyglo Iron Workes

The marrage of John Leg Mary Williams Aberrustruth 7/4/1824
We never knew when John Leg Father died
We are on the right track

Eddie Legge

legge family

Hi Eddie
       Tying up lose ends  
Mary Legg  died Bedwelty 1866 jan/ feb/ mar, aged mistranscribed as 83yrs should be 63 yrs

Son Richard died 1861 Abergavenny apr/ may/ june
Son Lewis died  1889   Bedwelty   Oct /Nov/ dec / aged 50years Both single as far as I can find,
Did Find a Marriage 1862 Oct Nov Dec Richard Legg to either Ann Watkins or a    Gwenillian Bowen at Bedwelty but can`t fit him in maybe another Legge Family.
Eddie legge

Legg Family

This must be an expensive thing you are doing for me
Dragongirl can I help
Our bigest problem is the correct date of Pit Explosion
the same people involved 1836-1837 but 1846 James Legg
not Jane Legg as in earlier disaster's
John Legg you say died in 1841 he must have been age 43
Eddie Legge

Legg Family

Hi Eddie, no cost I enjoy doing these look ups -keeps me out of mischief:
The Old Coal pit  Blaina Accident was on 17th Sept 1837
Nantyglo Pit accident was 7th Dec 1837 this was the one James Legg 13 years was killed in - Cause Explosion
The only other legg`s I can find locally are{-
Killed  William Legg  Ebbw vale   27years
Killed   George Legg                   20years

Injured   David Legg                    41
             Sidney                           42
             Sidney  A                        42
     I know one of these was from Sirhowy but working either in Ebbw Vale Works  or a mine owned by the Ironworks
I`ll read through it tomorrow Coroners reports Mine owners etc
If you put  in" Google  "
   "  Coalmining  Accidents and Deaths   Raleys -Maps
"it should come up on a page when you can put a Pit Name or person
name it covers most of  the Country.
 Very interesting especially some of the Coroners reports,

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