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Eddie legge

Not Team Legge but from the man himself

To David Rocke subject Wheelie bins civic car and the problems of being a local councillor
When In opposition and wrongly assuming that labour Blaenau Gwent were about to introduce Wheelie bins and fortnightly rubbish collections Independent AM Trish Law said such proposals would go down like a lead balloon in Blaenau Gwent John Mason who would eventfully be the independent deputy leader said he was afraid Fortnightly collections would encourage vermin and much more fly tipping than usual
When the independents did introduce Wheelie bins the cost financially £500,000 to purchase £10,000 to have micro chips installed and £30,000 to have them kept in storage
When I said publicly that the area around Blaenau Gwent was not suitable for the use of Wheelie bins Houses built on a mountain some with no rear access and the amount of steps to the majority of premises council and privately owned
Council leader Hillman said we are not forcing any one to have a Wheelie bin  
And it doesn’t end there when in opposition councillor Hillman was forever crying foul on labour for having the use of second civic car
However when Independents were given a golden opportunity to show their worth to the electorate who voted them into power
Hillman as council leader used civic car to ferry him around the borough and when I questioned him about using civic car and chauffer to take himself and family to an international Rugby match in Cardiff he admitted it and said he gave the price of match tickets to local charity
Dave Rocke do you remember telling us about the downside of being a local councillor you did say ask my wife
Why may I ask did Hillman want his wife to have a seat in council chamber and in order to do so he made her the official independent candidate in a Blaina local council by election, and there again why did the wife and daughter of independent councillor Don Willcox want to join him in council chamber They tried and failed
In life Dave Rocke there is none so queer as folk, some will think more differently than others It happens on Forum, Whatever a person says, some will take it down a different road, they only want to hear, that what they believe in, Some will say Brag is a good dog and others will say Holdfast is better, Going back to what Eddie Legge and not Team Legge has written today
A house divided against it self cannot stand Talking is all very well but doing is far better and that may I say was some of the reason why independents were not re-elected

'Not Team Legge but from the man himself'

Classic...... from this posting then you have now owned up to the fact that team Legge actually exists,not that anyone on here actually believed that it didn't.Smile

Ian wrote:
'Not Team Legge but from the man himself'

Classic...... from this posting then you have now owned up to the fact that team Legge actually exists,not that anyone on here actually believed that it didn't.Smile

lol Smile.  

And next the other team members Will reveal themselves in alphabetical order . .................

Eddie, your post demonstrates one of the core problems and a major reason why this Borough is in such a mess.

I put a post up on here regarding tweets being said about BG, one of which referred to 'councillors behaving like 5 year olds'.  

In Opposition non-labour councillors, in tandem with anti-Labour AM and MP expressed discontent about measures the council was bringing in.

In control, that same group espoused the virtues of progressing the initiatives, and Labour's hordes decried them.

In control, anti-labour (because that's what it had come to because of the base way The Party was trying to undermine the adminstration) put in place necessary initiatives (such as the switch-off of street lighting) and Labour raised a huge hullaballo, ranted and raved.

Now in control Labou has er... continued and extended those strategies.

I call it hypocrisy, outright hypocrisy - on both sides.

However, none - well a very, very, limited number in my experience - feel their consciences being pricked, because 'that's the way things are done'.
I liken it to a hangman. He has an apalling job, yet probably keeps sane by salving his conscience by reasoning that he's doing a necessary job, one that someone gave him.

All council work is believed to be about, in my view, built on experience, is getting into power, acquiring it by making the other side look stupid. Unfortunately if the other side is in power, it makes the Borough look stuopid as well.

Best contribution I made to a debate in the chamber was when Labour's vote of No Confidence  was put regarding 'heart attackgate'.

I told the headless one that all the little fires his mob were starting were sending smoke signals down to Cardiff.
Result - first opportunity the unimpressive and completely ineffectual Leighton Andrews AM did was send in the commissioners, and that equally unable minister Carl Sargent AM was on the bandwagon, threatening a takeover like Anglesey.

Now Labour's in power here, what haven't they got - a Executive Member for Education with control over the education of our children because the commissioners are still here.

WE. THE CITIZENS, LOST OUT, apart of course from some Party Puppet who would have been given an Executive post, and much enhanced remuneration, had it not been usurped.

The previous adminstration was highly inexperienced and politically naive and contributed greatly to the problems I mentioned. The reason is that it did not do enough - in fact probably didn't have the political perspicacity - to face up to and defeat the attacks being made.  

Perhaps they should all have taken a more active interest in this forum (not necessarily participate) and see how I went about it.  
And in hindsight I think a few might be wishing that they'd have at least paid heed and considered some of the many things I highlighted and counselled about.

If citizens lose their Blaenau Gwent in the next few years, as I think quite possible, I hope they come to realise that it's the way politics is conducted that caused it.

And I'll end with the classic, since you mentioned Des Hillman and the second Civic Car.

In 2006 he was on the front page of the Gazette ranting about Labour's decision to acquire it.
In 2008 he was using it daily.

What hope is there?
Just like the rants and ravings from the Jeremiahs of the Labour Party.
In 2008-2012 the headless wonder and all the droids, such as Eddie Legge were in all the papers, raising the spectre of deaths due to emergency services delayed because of the dark streets, vermin running and feasting freely on waste left out for 2 weeks and all manner of other evils.
In 2013, after a YEAR in power, those things are still in existence, or has Labour learned a lesson, that their fears were ill-founded, and it was the right thing to do?

If this authority is destroyed, it will be destroyed as a result of Labour's appalling strategy of undermining, it will be destroyed while Labour are in control, both here and down the Bay.

In my opinion there will be justice if councillors, AM and MP lose their troughs as a result.

Now, perhaps you can tell you mates to change their ways.
Because Michael Rose isn't a Jane Sullivan - he lives here.
And he's not a Dai Davies, for he might just have me offering my services, and my undoubted ability to get under the skin of your mob.

After all, as an ex-councillor I've been there, I have the experience, and but for failing to listen to the urgings of a new breed my former colleagues could most certainly have done it.

Guess I'm right then, in view of no objections.

Just a club, a private club, along the lines of the ones Tories and Champagne Socialists organise.

Rocke wrote:
Guess I'm right then, in view of no objections.

Just a club, a private club, along the lines of the ones Tories and Champagne Socialists organise.

Rocke you've been there got  the tea shirt why are you so surprised?

I'm not. It's just that no-one can say I'm talking without the benefit of experience.

Very Happy

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