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Wandering Dai

Novel inspired by Gwent UFO sightings


In the bottom right hand corner of Wales, the run-down post-industrial valleys outpost of Ffhâgdiwedd makes global headlines when staff and pupils at a local school have a terrifying encounter with the unknown.

Soon after, there are sightings of strange objects in the sky and a sinister silver suited being lurking on the hillsides, while shopping trolleys and sheep vanish without trace. As events escalate, fear, panic and paranoia spreads among local people, and supplies of tin foil run low.

Journalist, Geraint Price, would rather investigate possible links between a failed multi-million redevelopment project and claims of council corruption over his morning bacon butty than the “ravings of a bunch of loony crackpots!” But Price and his colleagues are destined to become embroiled in the mystery of The Ffhâgdiwedd Thing....

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