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Welsh Labour
Hillman to Rocke
You Know When You've Been Tangled !!!!
Cllr Rock and Martyn
Who is Admin
Labour staging a comeback
Council Leader Gone
Rocke's Roller Coaster weeks !
New Leader
Answers from The Leader - of the Labour Opposition
Just Suppose
Back to Roots, or whatever
Blaenau Gwent leader resigns
Des Hillman - Letter Gwent Gazzette Thursday 6th October 11
If only he were not banned
Rocke's Roles w/e 23/09/11
Labour Party
Rocke's Roles w/e 16/09/2011
Hillman Council Leader
Rocke's Roles w/e 09/09/2011
Refounding Labour to win
Argus Comments
Blaenau Gwent
Welsh Labour- Llafur
More bad news
Questions for the Leader - of the Labour Opposition that is
Unfriendly attitude
Blaenau Gwent council set for more turmoil
Council Ruling Administration STILL not Labour-controlled
Education Blaenau Gwent
Labour Lines Pockets with Taxpayer Cash
Des Hillman
Blaenau Gwent
Mayor Defects
Rocke's Roles w/e 29/07
Rocke's Roles w/e 22/07/11
Civic cars
Blaenau Gwent council vows to work together on education
Major probe launched into Blaenau Gwent council
Rocke's Roles w/e 15/07/11
Major Probe into Council
REAL Report - July 13th
Blaenau Gwent: County told it is failing Schools
Argus Report Thurs July 13
Rocke's Roles w/e 08/07/11
Expenses civic car
Read content first
Cllr McCarthy complaint against Cllr Rocke
Rocke's Roles w/e 01/07/11
Speaker's Cornet I'd have renamed it
Rocke's Roles 24/06/11
What's Plan C I Wonder ?
Rocke's Roles w/e 17/06/11
1st Week That Was of the last Year to be this Council
Weekly bin Colections
That Was the 3rd Year That Was
credit card bill
That was another fortnight that was
Council leader Des Hillman claims false statement investigat
Council leader passes on baton after membersí vote
Treat Laws the same
We want it back
Was That a Week That Was ?
Encouraging Progress
Well done Alun
You can tell a man by the company he keeps
A 'Leading by example' week that was
This is the Land Week that Was
This was A WeeK That Was
Selecting candidates
That was a 'Yes Councillor' Week That Was
Councillorís fury as his party snubs rising star
Trish Law
Is there a future for Communities First?
Retail Park for Aber Park ?
Jane Sullivan Admits
Disabled funding cut
This was more of a Community Week that Was
Blow as train line extension taken off the rails
This was last week that was
Council Chief Goes
Hedley McCarthy's Proposal
Councillors fail to attend meeting
That was the week after the holiday that was
Campaign leaflet
A start ...
Greedy bankers
£3.5M to be cut as Blaenau Gwent council tax rises
Would a Retail Park be a fitting tribute to our miners ?
Blaenau Gwent says Yes
This was the last almost 3 weeks that as
Nantyglo and Blaina
This Was the 'Let that be a lesson to you' Week That Was
Benifit fraudsters
A Week of Frustration That Was
Hypocriical Cameron
Why Jane Sullivan
A 'Business As Usual' Week That Was
Welsh Assembly Referendum 2011 - Poll
This Was THE Event in The Week That Was
Vote Yes For Wales
This is the Rest of The Week This Is
Truth and Truthfulness
That Was the Heart Attack That Wasn't
Burial costs Blaenau Gwent
An Interactive Start to the Week That Was
Good Egg Taken out of Circulation
David Chaytor Larceny
A Week on the Road to Damascus That Was
Simon Hughes Hypocrisy
What a load of rubbish pt II
Assembly elections 2011
Blaenau Gwent MP's Website Based in Irish Republic
Stand and Deliver
Tax the fat cats
This was the run-up to Christmas that was
This week's week that still is
Last week's 'Week that Was'
Deafening silence
Only the names have been changed - to protect the guilty
Wales - The UK's Poorest Nation
Welsh Children Falling Further Behind
This is a rare 'week that is' that was
The Deliberate Fortnight That Was
Foundry Bridge Open For Business
Labour and council chiefs in Blaenau Gwent row
Another decision to keep us in the dark.
Not far short of becoming 'The Month That Was' P4
Not far short of becoming 'The Month That Was' P3
Not far short of becoming 'The Month That Was' P2
Not far short of becoming 'The Month That Was' P1
The Bollitics of Bamboozling with Bridges
Mid-Term Elections
This was the 'every man and his dog' week that was
No meetings yet what a busy Week That Was
Wake up call
A Week of Letters that was ( or wasn't )
A 'back to the roots' week that was
Making Sure We Pay No More Than A Fair Share
This was the Week That Was
Special Responsibility Allowances
That was the week I invented a new word That Was
It's A Dog's Life
Councillors Vote to Secure Future of Monwel Hankinson
That was the 'nose to the grindstone' week that was
How to turn a 'quick guide' into a political diatribe
Joke(s) of the week
That was the week of the blue-backsided fly that was
That was another fortnight with a day of judgement that was
Moving to Abertillery
2010 - A Community Council Odyssey
That Was a week spread over a fortnight that was
End for Peopleís Voice?
Let the Eisteddod fun begin
2012 Local Elections - Councillors per Ward
Please sir, can Jack come out to play ?
Eddie gets Legges cut from under him in Western Mail
A quickly whipped up Week That Was
A week of two halves that was
Do coalitions work
An 'I'm all agog' Week That Was
Conundrum of the Week That Was
THIS Councillor's Confidentiality
The Longest Week That Was - Part III
The Longest Week That Was - Part II
The Longest Week That Was - Part I
The Longest Week That Was - Prologue
A short 'Week That Was'
That Was The Year That Was - II
A Storm out of a Shower Week That Was
A 'Calm before the storm' week that was
Are Councillors Value-for-Money ?
What a Political Week This Was !
Blowing away the cobwebs
Is schmitt the new Mandela
A very much earlier Week That Was
Thread removed - use of civic car
Forgot to mention ( but worth its own thread )
An earlier-than-usual Week That Was
A 'To Change the Subject' Week That Was
An interesting 'Full Council' Week that Was
Council Carers
Whose Side Are They On ?
THIS Was the Week That Was
Pot Holes
A 'Should Have Camped Over There' Week That Was (P4)
A 'Should Have Camped Over There' Week That Was (P3)
A 'Should Have Camped Over There' Week That Was (P2)
A 'should have camped over there' week that was (P1)
A straight question in a political forum
The Week After Easter That Was
Straw Poll - Members' 'Expenses'
Straw Poll - Members' 'Expenses'
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