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A week that started with a bang
Oh what a tangled web...........
A fortnight (due to few meetings) that was
I can't believe it's a fortnight that was
Hijackers on Board
An 'all work and no play' week that was
Mmmm - was this a whole week that was ?
A FAP Week that Was
Nigel Daniels
A unique meeting week that was
An almost no snow week that was
A less snow, more business week that was
I Wanna Be Elected.
A Little or Snow Business Week that Was
Do we have only one coucillor ?
Another snowbound week that was
Council responsibilities
A teeth-gritting week that was
where is the salt~grit ?
The run-up to Christmas that was (revised)
What a Week This Has Been
Cheek of Old Nick
At last ( another fortnight that was )
That was yet another fortnight that was
Who's the cynical one ?
That was the 'have I taken over the world?' week that was
The missing week (or two ) that was
Councillors launch a scathing attack on AM
A Pretty Quiet Week That Was
Another Street Lighting Week that was ( and other matters )
Street lighting
And Another Week That Was Goes By
Biting the hand that feeds you - another Labour misfire
What a combative meeting that was ( most of it )
What a combative week that was ( most of it )
Mega Week P3 ( The rest !)
Mega Week P2 (Housing & Regen )
Mega week that was - P1 ( Education & Leisure )
That was the fortnight that was
The first week that was after the 'holiday'
That was the Month that was
: THE YEARLY table of councillor allowances
What would YOU do with £87,000 ?
What a week before the recess that was - P4 ( the rest )
What a week before the recess that was - P3 ( Thurs )
What a week before the recess that was - P2 ( Weds )
What a week before the recess that was - P1 ( Mon & Tues
Valleys council to review complaints procedure
Residents vote FOR housing stock to be transferred
A mixed week that was
Anger as Abertillery school plan announced
Pre-emptive Strike, AM Wars
This week's week that still has a few hours to go
Taking Council House Tenants For Granted
Labour Assembly Candidate chosen
This week's More of a Week That Was
End of an Era ( hopefully )
MP slams £450k expenses secrecy op
Money fears over £300m health plans
Virtually Not a Week That Was
Nantyglo councillor quits ruling group
The first week as the nights draw in that was
The latest week that was
Kinnock ‘rewarded for not backing miners’ strike’
The penultimate last week that was before the Solstice
Agent Smith learns lessons
Another Week That Was Rolls By - PS
Another Week That Was Rolls By
Peter Hain predicts EU poll results will be 'terrible'
Glenys says focus must be on recession
Hain sets out his plan for Labour in Wales
Straw Poll - Councillors' 'expenses'
This was the week that was ( for a change )
Back to the Past - am I a Cynic or What ?
That was almost a not-value-for-money week that was
AM EXPENSES: what they claimed
Cllr Daniels Resignation Poll
Mr Speaker
Street cleaning
Another week that was
AMs consider pay rise proposal
Euro Elections - June 4th
Labour reveals shortlist for Blaenau Gwent fightback
That Was the Year That Was
A full week that was
Dai Davies on MP expenses
AM Alun Davies accused of hypocrisy over plan to challenge T
A less hectic week that was
Help the Local Labour Party
What a week THAT was (long) Part 3 - Nantyglo Comp
What a week THAT was - Part 2
What a week THAT was - Part 1
Another week that was closer to Christmas
Cllr Daniels
The week up to Easter that was
Facts Are Obstinate Things No. 12 if I remember correctly?
That was the (delayed) short week that was
Assembly jobs should be spread across Wales’
The First Week That Was in Spring
Labour angry over accusations
Must be an election coming up............
The last week of Winter that was
That was the budget-setting week that was
This was a hectic week that was
Apologies - thread removed and logged.
Memory system
You know you've made it when...........
That was another week that was
£10k cash boost for ambulance service
free speach
double standards???????
That was the nearly-a-month that was
Facts Are Obstinate Things No.10
Assembly to give £26m for recycling plants to create fuel
Wales returns £77 million to EU
AM predicts a gloomy future for borough
No offense meant
Breaking News:- Feeder Buses/Facts are obstinate things No.9
Friar's Walk to go ahead
£172m hospital set to open in 2011
Blaenau Gwent council in voluntary redundancy plea
Council to review secondary education in Ebbw Fach
The First Week That Was of 2009
Facts Are Obstinate Things No.8
Moving to Abertillery
The Highlight of My Week That Never Was
Blaenau Gwent Council seeks help
Abertillery Rail Link - Question to the ( Former ) Leader
A Personal Opinion...
The Assembly Has Now 'LOST ME'
End of Term Report
Even MPs baffled by Government ‘jargon’
If I may seek the valued opinion of Pam Cares
Message to 'pamcares'
Spin on this
The last week that was before Christmas
New Propanganda Release
Facts Are Obstinate Things No. 7 (Late Edition)
Not only a week is a long time in politics
Last but one last week that was before Christmas
A quieter week that was
Facts Are Obstinate Things No.6
What a week THAT was !!
'Allo, 'Allo. Ze Liberator is Coming
That was a really busy week that was !!
Facts Are Obstinate Things No. 5
And Another Week That Was Bits the Dust
Another week that went
Council puts off decision on wind farm
Vision for the future set out in strategy
Yet another week that was
Councillors Use Chauffeur Driven Cars
The week that was - and is in motion
Regeneration Meeting, 30/10/08
Facts are obstinate things no4
The Last Week That Was
Facts are obstinate things no.3
The week ending 5th Oct that was.
A week in the life........
Facts Are Obstinate Things No. 2
Facts Are Obstinate Things. No 1
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