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Independent Blaenau Gwent
Local Elections
Abertillery & Llanhilleth Community Council
Throwing money in the rubbish.
They don't like it up em!
I want to be leader! no i want to be leader! no i want .....
Alun Davies Says.
Betsi Cadwaladr health board in special measures
Liz Kendall Refuses To Condemn Further Tory Cuts To Educatio
Councillor's brother attacks Welsh Labour
Carwyn pessimist Jones.
Censorship in action by Labour,
Beware the pessimist within.
To the forum pessimists
"Dull, boring, uninspiring" Labour
Absolutely "Tremendous"
Who said vote for Plaid
Let us never forget the Thatcher years
Why turn business away from Wales??
Tonight Matthew I'm going to be...
Never forget
Blaenau Gwent council to decide on increasing charges for le
Ian Jones
Blaina Riots 80th Anniversary
Sorry to see you go
All quiet here
Political Debate V's Dodgy Documents
bloody disgrace
Any comment Rocke?
Ex-Aberystwyth Ambition and Arrogance
And Out of the Woodwork Comes...........
Dont bare a grudge
posting for Admin
The Outcome of Eddie Legge (More of Less)
For the attention of Forum Admin
Councillors taking us for an expensive ride
Deep in the bowels of Eddie Legge...........
A stranger to the truth
Tories out out
RIP Tony Benn
Deep in the bowels of the civic centre...
Nil Sine Labore
The train is coming into the station at Gravyville.
Blaina Institute.
Council tax 'higher in Wales than in rich London boroughs.
Another People's Party Hero
Quiz of the Week
Council mergers
All in this together
Post missing
Keeping the ball in hand
Shall we ever know
Professional help to stay on in Blaenau Gwent.
A very tall order.
Grow up or be dammed
£100m in regeneration cash for 11 councils in Wales
The Last Word
Miners strike
Just WHAT is it about 'the Town Council' ?
Car park in Abertillery
Reasons to be Cheerful - the LONG Thread
The (Merciful?) End is Nigh
What has happend to Rocke
We pay the tax, they take the p***
We shall never forget
Possible Exemption from Bedroom Tax.
What a crock of Soot=S**t
Merry Christmas
Decision Time.
Very pleased
We asked 40 Welsh MPs about their 11% pay rise: Find out wha
Eddie Legge
Social Services post lost
What has happend to Aber Forum
Why isn't Eddie singing the praises of his hero's now ?
Prepare Ye the Way for the end of smaller councils ?
Another Crock of Fool's Gold
cwmtillery website
Circuit for Wales put on hold.
Split emerges in UKIP over future of the Assembly
Use it or lose it - or lost it ?
Firm chosen to train workers for £250m Ebbw Vale racetrack.
Hypocrisy - or Enlightenment ?
Welsh council chief pay out of control - Plaid Cymru AM
Why Why O Why
Education's Not Working Under Labour
Abertillery Comp Slated yet again
Not Team Legge but from the man himself
Community Council Uncovered
Oh no not another
Get in touch with your AM Alun Davies
Food Bank Collection
Anti-littering Initiative, or money-making venture?
Anyone interested
To the blue badge holders of pensionable age
Blaenau Gwent worst in UK for inward investment
Margaret Thatcher Dies - Labourite View?
Nil Sine Labore
Read it and................?
The Welfare State explained in a single sentence
Labour council closes Market Hall cinema
Opposition to Blaenau Gwent new Race Circuit
Well done Blaenau Gwent Council
If interested come along
Nil Sine Labore
Rich taken care of the Rich
The Ed Milliband Show
Why no grit?
Tesco beefburgers
What can we do to help
Alexandra Hospital neglect:
Welsh Language in crises
Stop signs challenged
How MPs avoided expenses payback.
George Osborne hits women harder than ever
Fiscal federalism (tax power) ?
Excel Parking and £60 fines
Labour spending cuts
Who said labour didnt care about Abertillery
Reply to Rockes more bollitics
Camerons false tongue
Tony Blair toughs out the recession
Cross border row
Help for needy
top tips section abertillery
Naughty naughty....
How long before Tony Blair is put on trial in the Hague?
Tories out
Protect our Welfare State
Choice Cameron or Thatcher
What would Rocke have said
Thatcher said you turn--------------
A last minute security blunder
Martyn Hope this will be helpful
Justice for Afghan Women
More bollitics
Has Labour shelved 'the Eddie Legge Project' ?
Bring labour home again
What now Carolyn
You can't stick knives in a Rocke, 'Eddie Legge'
Who would make a good Mayor?
Silly me again
We should all know about
What a Prophecy !! - Spot the Mistake ??
Change of Name
Rocke's Final Role
With many thanks
labour home again
You know it makes sence
You know it makes sence
Community Council Accounts 2010-11
Rocke's Community Council Manifesto
Please consider the Following
Andrew Bull Compensation
Nice Nick MP's Blog for Blaenau Gwent...
Message for the People, 2012
May 4th bring it on
Education Blaenau Gwent
Admin - advice please
And they're.........OFF!
How Many Were Management?
Andrew wins Trbunal
Abertillery the In Place for Political Figures
End of Term Report
Rocke's Roles - this year (!)
AM report
Out by the Back Way
Thanks to Labour
Is 'Eddie Legge' an Election Liability ?
How Not to Run an Election Campaign
Labour's Failed Education
More Work for the Voters of Abertillery Ward
If a week's a long time.......
'Sall Gone Quiet
Former council chief’s ‘stop the rot’ challenge to Blaenau
Eddie Legge Victory gives Common Sense Hat trick of wins
Only Labour Brings You...............
Councillor won’t work with Labour
Blaenau Gwent escapes takover
Labour Suffers Elections Setback
Looking good for labour
I want new Independents
Tories set minimum price for booze
Rocke's Roles since last time
Ex-Blaenau Gwent leader launches new challenge
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