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Opinions on new project required

Hello all,

Hope you are all well, I was hoping that you may be able to spare a moment to read and feedback on an idea for a new project we have..

We have noticed a steady rise in businesses in Abertillery (and BG) which have no physical presence within the town (cupcakes, bespoke creations, taxis, mobile hairdressers etc.) who rely heavily on Facebook to generate revenue. Facebook is a useful tool but unless you know what and who you're looking for it's hard to 'stumble' across businesses in the area.

Our idea is basically to create a well designed, branded, modern and professional business directory for Abertillery (with a view to expand to Blaenau Gwent). The website can also intertwine with Google & Apple map software to ensure that businesses can always be found and to create, in essence, a virtual high street. We can also include blogs and news from certain businesses, along with local events and tie in with local council and councillors to add weight behind the project.

I realise that there are existing projects that are similar and all the information is already available on the internet, but I am also aware that it is very fragmented and sometimes poorly indexed and hard to navigate.

We don't plan to charge businesses to be a part of the directory, our main aim is to create a network between businesses and a sense of uniform for complimenting trades and ultimately to make abertillery seem like a great place to trade.

We also plan on running a small focus group to show some concepts for the idea and a chance for participants to give further opinion on the project and to brainstorm areas of growth we have not thought of.

Thank you so much for your time and opinions,

Kris J

Have you contacted the trader forum(s) ?

Richie of Abertillery DIY is I believe involved with one of them.

Hi Rocke, yes I popped down in the week and spoke to him and some of the other business owners, they were all very receptive and enthusiastic about the idea so we have started designing and building the project.

Since the initial idea we have been approached to roll it out county wide, so we are very excited to finish the development of this and getting everyone on there.

Thanks again,


Well done Kris.

I'd have thought it was the sort of thing the council would be interested in supporting in some way.

Have you contacted Karin Lamb, the 'town manager' ?

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