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Out by the Back Way

It should probably be better called 'out goes the back way' really.

Last night, up the Mount interacting with ALL citizens, not just those of Cwmtillery and someone says 'can you answer me this? The men carried all the black bags to the end of the lane this morning because the lorry wasn't coming down. I live in a 3-storey house and I can't cart ashes and everything through to the front. What's going on?'

I said 'so you haven't been told then, none of your councillors have informed you?'
I explained that for various reasons certain practices have been stopped. It's not for me to explain new or revised policy. Cllr McCarthy is the Executive Member for Environment and it would be better for him to explain than me, because obviously people will think I'm simply stirring things up.

Personally I'm aghast that no-one seems to have ensured that citizens are informed of major changes to their collections.
But as I say, the Executive Member is the one with political responsibility for it.

I'd be interested to know if anyone in Llanhilleth - particularly 'The Fields' as I understand, have been informed or know of changes there also.

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