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Pathetic Tai Calon

I've just had to telephone the Tai Calon after hours emergency call out because it's pouring down with rain (that's the polite way to put it) and water is running down the wall cavity from a leaking roof which incidentally Tai Calon workmen checked earlier today and have `requested` that the roof be refelted.
The water is running down the inside of the living room wall and window.
The response I got was a returned phone call from a CARPENTER who informed me that he was the only person on call and could not do anything because it would involve climbing up a ladder and he wasn't allowed to do this on his own.
How pathetic is this .. I now have to soak water up from the window sill with a bath towel and watch as the newly decorated living room wall gets soaking wet ... Well done Tai Calon!

Try contacting the environmental health dept of Blaenau Gwent council

tai calon are a joke, the contractors they are using to do the roofs are cowboys they cannot even lay the ridge tiles straight and they just throw rubbish and debris off the scaffold and do not clean up after themselves.....they are called r****** roofing...beware!!

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