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Polling Station Etiquette, Protocol and Rules

Some information for you in readiness for Thursday, if you will be attending A Polling Station.
( If you haven't used a Postal Vote I urge you to please vote. Voting is an acknowledgement of the sacrifices made and hardships endured by previous generations in the cause of freedom and democracy. If there's no-one that takes your fancy simply put a blank form in the Ballot Box. But please take a short walk. I accept that staying away is a way of showing how fed up people are with politics and politicians but recognition of the right still to vote is important in my eyes ).

Anyway, representatives of candidates are allowed in the proximity of a polling station - but NOT inside it.

Also, you do not have to give your Voter number to anyone other than the staff inside.

Entry to a Polling Station is NOT conditional on you showing your Voting Card. If you do not have your card you may still be able to vote.

You do NOT have to tell anyone how you voted.

You do NOT have to give or confirm your name to anyone other than the staff inside the Polling Station.

You are entitled to have free passage into the Polling Station without hindrance, so no-one has the right to stop you at the gate, door etc. and ask for any details about you.

And protocol dictates that electioneering is kept away from Polling Stations. Holding a rally outside one is not good form, as it were.

I mention all this because given the outright hostility and tricks and allegations of smears that have been going back and forth it is possible that some of you will experience some of the things I've listed.

If you do encounter what you think are breaches then report it to the Presiding Officer of the Station.

I'll be out and about in Cwmtillery Ward on Thursday to ensure that my constituents can exercise their vote in the manner they should be able to.

Finally, if anyone ( in Cwmtillery Ward - sorry, but I can't be everywhere ) needs transport to get to a polling station please feel free to get in touch with me and I'll arrange something.
853 OKG

I cast my votes at 8.15 pm yesterday, I was told that the turnout was less than 20%.

Very quiet when I went to ours at 7 (pm).

I know there were quite a lot of postal votes used.

38% (20,000 ) turnout in BG but if what I was told is correct ( and I haven't had any official figures, simply chats in the corridor ) around 1/4 - 1/3 of those were postal votes, hence the actual number of people using polling stations could have been as low as 14-15,000 ie. 27%-ish.

It actually changes the way we'll be canvassed in future.
Now candidates will push far earlier to get a substantial number of postal voters on their side. Their personal counters are able to survey all counts, so they'll have a good idea how things are going.
Probably why there didn't seem to be a lot of last-minute hustle and bustle.

Simply see 4 or 5,000 postal votes come in, your pile(s) 3 times higher than anyone else's and you know it's yours to lose.

I didn't see a canvasser outside a polling station, so clearly Labour weren't worried. The result points how to plan and play the canvassing game from now on.

Next year we'll be having leaflets through the doors in late March, in good time ready for the first postal votes to go out.
853 OKG

Regarding getting your leaflets out early. Most people I know are fed up with huge amounts of unsolicited mail. Lots of houses now bare notices discouraging this practice. If this is not respected and leaflets delivered, once elected would our views also not be respected by the politicians? Anyway if I want to hear a pack of lies I'll go down the pub and listen to Old George who wouldn't know the truth if it came up and bite him on his a**e.
853 OKG

Would it be considered unethical to The BNP for their members and suporters to use eg "corner shops" owned/run by, well foreigners? I think it's quite obvious why I ask.

Wromg section of our Forum for me to respond, sorry OKG.

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