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Ian Jones

Poppy Appeal 2012.

Is it true that there are no premises available for the Royal British  Legion to use for their 2012 Poppy Apeal in Abertillery?

Shocking if true, especially with all the empty shops we have.

What would it involve? Could the restaurant be of any help? X
Ian Jones

I spoke to Rocke in Town earlier as he was dashing around with Poppy appeal boxes, he said they now have a shop.
I'm sure they would thank you for the kind offer though kyliebewley.
Well done Rocke!!
He may not be a Councillor now but he still helps the community.
PS: don't forget to buy a Poppy everyone

No worries, I'm so glad it's sorted Smile.... We would however be more than happy to have a collection box Smile x

Hello everyone.

There seems to be a bit of confusion about why we haven't had a shop until now and I would like to explain.

We have for some years had a selling point in town, where people can not only buy poppies but also arrange for wreathes, wooden crosses etc. and almost always it has been a shop.

It isn't the council's responsibility to find us somewhere. We rely on there being one available and the goodness of the owner to let us have it.
I have been the branch's Poppy Appeal Organiser for the last 6 appeals and we have been fortunate to have the support of Andrew Boulton and Dr Helen Webberley. We had a shop owned by Helen for my first two years but it then became used and Andrew has provided us with premises for the last 3.

However, because the empty shops are gutted ready for funding to refurbish them ( this has to be done otherwise I undertsand that rates would be payable ) Andrew was unable to help, and Helen's shop was occupied - until this week.

It is in a way sad that we are only able to have a shop because a business closed.

We are humbled by the many expressions of support by people and this story sums it up:

Serekai, the baby shop offered to help us establish a stall in the arcade, which we did.
Ian at the Bear, together with Andrew's premises in the Arena, offered storage facilities, which we accepted.
Someone called the council and complained about the fact that 'The Lads' were out in the cold.
The Town Centre Manager called Andrew, who arranged with the proprietor of Valleys Estate Agents for us to set up our stall in the front of their premises if required. Ian also offered us the Lounge in the Bear.
Kylie offered the Calcutta Victoria in the same way.
Helen's shop became available and a single call to her produced her generous offer once again.  

It has been one of those things. Circumstances, and not any failure to support us, has been the problem.

Thank you all.

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