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Prepare Ye the Way for the end of smaller councils ?

Anyone heard of the Williamson Commission?

The WG have asked him to look at the provision of local services throughout Wales.

It has meet with many very senior managers in all areas of public services and recently has produced a summary of the recurring points and comments being made.

In short it seems that collaboration isn't working as hoped (it was never 'intended' because no-one - least of all the WG and the oaf Carl Sargent - had any idea of what they wanted it to look like and achieve), and that larger is better.

There's already a SE Wales education body to deal with improvments. In my view it won't be long before it starts to take over LEA responsibilities.  

At this time it is only a summary of what types of issues need to be addressed.

I somehow suspect that when it becomes a report c/w recommendations it will sound the death knell for councils such as BG, Torfaen etc. and could even lead to single, much larger, regional councils who would also have some form of control over health care.

Each and every failing is a nail in the coffin.

I'd go as far as to say that we might have had our last local council elections, although I can't see that even the WG would be so hasty as to try to get in a major reorganisation in just 3 years or less.


(And yes, sorry for being smug).

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