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Proposed Wind turbine Development

Has anyone else received a letter from Airvolution Energy regarding their proposal to site two 131m high wind turbines on the 380m contour at Hafod y Dafal.  

They have promised to give the community the paltry sum of £12,000 per annum for a total of 25 yrs for the privilege of ruining our landscape.

I wonder why they think this is a suitable site?, as a similar development on the Coity has already been opposed and turned down.

I wonder why they are considering erecting such inefficient machines as wind turbines?  when we have a continuous supply of untapped energy in our rivers and streams just awaiting the installation of water turbines.

We have had to put up with our landscape being blighted in the name of energy for the past 150 years, we now have the chance to develop a tourist industry based on the views and outstanding natural beauty of our area but this development will not help that in any way.

The plans etc can be inspected on the 16th May (10am - 2pm) at the Met, Abertillery or Cwm Institute 15 May(10am - 6pm}.

For those who cannot attend the company is asking for feedback at the following addresses ;
or  e-mail  to
tel: 0800 0147 080  

I have also set up  a facebook group called Tillery Against the Turbines.  Please join if you too oppose this development

I wonder if people are aware that proposal to site wind turbines at Cwm nant. y groes and at Cwmtillery are not going to be taken to public consultation.  If any one else thinks this is wrong please join the Facebook campaign 'Tillery Against the Turbines'.

This could be the first step in fitching these in by the back door. If you feel as I and many others do then place join the group.

I presume that's a council decision ?

One big concern of mine when I heard about this is the cost.
A huge amount of (unrecoverable) money was spent fighting off the Coity/Mynydd James ones.

I know the cost can be horrendous. However the SCAM group have been very helpful. I am running my campaign via Facebook and this forum at the mo as it is an effective way to reach people. Eventually I believe it Will have to go on the streets so to speak. At the moment tho I am trying to make sure as many people as possible know what's happening

Sorry should have made clear SCAM are being helpful with advice and docs. not financially. In case anyone gets the wrong idea.

This is the way we should be going. If there is one thing we are not short off its water  Very Happy

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