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Read it and................?

Give your views.

145 Million in total being cut from Council Budgets across Wales.

What do you think of this table ?

Wonder why there is no mention of Blaenau Gwent.

Caerphillys comment about being a 'steady ship' is interesting. If you go around Caerphilly borough those towns and communities certainly seem to be thriving in a way that ours aren't.

Maybe it's time to start looking at amalgamation.

That's interesting - the link should point to a table giving the turnover of each council, the savings its trying to make, and the Council Tax increase (guess who's the second highest?).

A certain amount of 'amalgamation' (I use the term very loosely, no criticism of your use at all) is taking place in a Valley not too far from here. It's called an innovative collaborative venture regarding ICT, named SRS (Shared Resource Service) that supports Torfaen and Monmouthshire councils and Gwent Police.

You might have read about it in the press or seen it on TV.
I think the expression 'Torfaen Laptops' has been used. 1.8 million of kit bought for some of Newport's schools, a council who er... isn't part of SRS and who if it is to believed never wanted them on the terms and conditions specified in the first place.

It's based in Blaenavon, near the Big Pit and I used to work there.

If you look at the table Torfaen's levying the 10th-highest CTax increase, having to make the 6th-highest amount of savings (which equates to the 4th-highest in percentage terms).

Non-collaborative BGCBC's figures are 2nd highest CTax increase, for the 13th-highest amount of savings (equal to the 6th-highest percentage saving).

Sorry for the number-crunching but it makes interesting reading.

BGCBC appears to be covering the shortfall more by raising Council Tax than seeking savings.
Just like printing more and more money.

Although seemingly slightly off-topic I'd point out the following, because it is one side-effect of the CTax-raising debate.

One cunning thing is that since an awful lot of BG citizens are on CTax Benefit what is levied on them on the one hand will be given back on the other ie. the council's Revs section will send them a bigger bill, but the nice Bens section will increase the CT Benefit accordingly.

HOWEVER, the so-called 'Bedroom Tax' (notice how Labour have this thing about calling Conservative policies 'taxes' - Community Charge became 'Poll Tax') will result in many families having a double whammy, higher Council Tax and less CTB.

And it's NOT the Government that's caused the former. Let us remember that.

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