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Refuse/Recycle rules?

How ridiculous is BGBCís refuse collection/recycle system
Wheelie bins are provided and youíre only allowed five black refuse bags per bin
Blue/white recycle bags are provided for recycling waste paper, glass, tins etc. in the appropriate bags
Even bags and bins are provided for kitchen waste.
But you donít really have to use the wheelie bins because, locally, you are allowed to place black bags in a collection point (the local car parking area) which makes nonsense about the five bags per bin requirement.
Now they tell us that recycling (blue/white) bags will not be collected from outside houses and that they must be place in this same `collection point` even though the kitchen waste bins can be left at your premises to be emptied by a collector.
So what happens?
Some irresponsible `Richard Cranium` puts unrecyclable items in a blue bag and dumps it at the `collection` point where is remains because the collectors refuse to collect it as it is obviously not recyclable contents.
And who is this person?  Itís not outside any ones house so how do we know?
Who makes up these refuse/recycle rules at BGBC, Noddy?

Ha ha welcome to the world of BGBC.

I believe their mission statement is to see how often they can confuse, irritate or generally wind people up. And the best bit is,we actually voted the idiots into power who make these rules up lol.

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