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Remembrancetide 2012

Hello everyone.

I'm sorry to be so late with news of this year's activities by our local branch.

It has been difficult to finalise because of the lack of available shops but we have found one at the last minute.

We will be in the former Celtic Nutrition shop ( food supplements etc. ) next to Sue's Pantry, by the travel agents ete, where we were 3-4 years ago.

We would like to thank Helen for her wonderful gesture allowing us to use it.
We again have all sorts of merchandise to enable you to show your support and at the same time provide financial support for our work.
'The Lads' will be pleased to see you.

We would also like to express our thanks to Serekai, the new baby shop in the Arcade for allowing us to camp outside with our stall and for storing our stuff overnight.
We also want to thank Andrew Boulton who despite being unable to offer us any premises this year made arrangements with Valley Estate agents if we needed help, and also to Ian Cole at The Bear for storage facilities for the many wreathes that we provide for organisations and individuals.

Thank you all so much for the gestures.

Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday are the same this year, so there won't be a short ceremony in Church St. at 11:00. It will be the normal parade to the Cenotaph on Sunday 11th November, forming up on the bridge at around 10:15.        

If anyone wants any other information, such as services in localities, please feel free to post a message or send me a personal one.

Thank you, on behalf of the Abertillery Branch of the Royal British Legion.

Good to hear the people of Abertillery are rallying around  Very Happy

Do you have details of the Remembrance Day ceremony please?

Yes Martyn.

As I've said , it will be the normal parade to the Cenotaph on Sunday 11th November, forming up on the bridge at around 10:15.        

Representatives of today's forces will lead a loose parade of veterans, local organisations such as scouts, guides etc., civic dignitaries and the general public from the bridge, through Church and Somerset streets to the Cenotaph where the service starts at around 10:45.

I would like to tell people that they are very welcome to march with us, and indeed a few people do.
It is very fulfilling and a humbling moment to arrive at the Cenotaph and be welcomed by so many people waiting there.
It is a community effort, and it is the community council that has the responsibility for organising it. Most people think it is The Legion's baby but we are just the body that focusses attention and if you like we are the catalyst for the acts of commemoration.

As part of the service at the Cenotaph wreathes are laid by and on behalf of organisations and individuals, including members of the public.
Anyone and everyone is welcome to stand in line with their tribute and express their gratitude.
Additionally, our cenotaph also acts as a mini field of remembrance. The small wooden crosses that are available can be inscribed with the name of a loved one and a message. We place them all in the shape of a cross on the banking in the grounds but anyone is welcome to plant one at the service itself.
I personally find the most moving part of the service to be when young children are accompanied up, cross in hand. It truly passes down from generation to generation.

After the service the Salvation Army extends an invitation to anyone to attend its normal Sunday service, obviously with a Remembrancetide theme.

Later in the day there are many neighbourhood events:

Bournville (I believe at 3pm but I will check);
Blaenau Gwent/Prims Chapel ( laying of wreathes and a service ) - I think it is 4:30 this year, just as dusk falls, quite appropriate.
Zion Chapel Llanhilleth (again, I'll find out when)
Christchurch Aberbeeg still has wreath-laying despite not being open.
If anyone needs specific advice or information please contact me or post here.

Thank you.

Hello everyone.

Remembrancetide events are as follows:

Friday 9th November - Remembrance Service at St Michael's, 19:00
Sat. 10th - Service at Swffryd Club, 18:30

Sunday 11th:

War Memorial 11:00 - form up 10:15 at Foundry Bridge
Llanhilleth - 10:30 for 11:00 service
Bournville - 15:00
Blaenau Gwent/Prims Chapel - 16:30
Zion Chapel Llanhilleth - 18:00

Sat 24th November - Big Band evening at Llanhilleth Workmens Institute, beneficiary is the RBL Poppy Appeal fund (on behalf of the local branch I'd like to thank the organisers).

Thank you.

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