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Eddie legge

Reply to Rockes more bollitics

David Rocke who has been in hiding since losing his council
Seat has made a remarkable recovery (letter to Gwent Gazette) when considering
He was so publicly embarrassed and hurt when losing his Cwmtilery  council constituency seat to labour
To be honest he was so confident of winning little wonder labour bothered to contest
Another blow to his inflated ego was his failed attempt to find a seat on local town council
His letter about being kicked into touch was so full bitterness most especially to those who asked him to go over there and sort it out for us
When mrh35 said on Forum about political bickering Rocke was again beside himself with rage
If and when his battle with a silent tongue has come to an end and he once again wants to bore us all to tears with his Rocke reports    
Let him first say sorry to the ones who elected him and the Forum members he insulted with his letter of discontent

Eddie Legge

Perhaps you can do us all a favour Eddies and do the same and stop boring us all with your Labour party chest puffing nonsense.Just write an Ed will fix it column for the Gazette instead. Laughing

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