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Ridout & Brown - Glascoed workers c.1944

I think this message is aimed at Glen the records keeper. Both my maternal grandparents worked at Glascoed during WWII, it's where they met and subsequently married despite the family disapproval of my grandfather being some 30 years older than my Nana. His name was William 'Bill' Brown, born 1890 and I believe he was a safety officer or something similar. My nana was Mary Rosaleen 'Rose' Ridout although she may have been under her widow surname of Richards, born in 1920 and from Blackwood. I would love to find out more if their history. All my nana would ever recount was the time a bomb landed and travelled through the shed they were assembling munitions in - she said no one stopped work just moved aside, it didn't go off but there was no point in worrying when it landed as there wasn't anything you'd be able to do! She had dreadful gnarled toes and nails that were so thickened from the casing that used to fall on her feet, we used to have to cut them with tin snips - that kind of thing gets lodged in a child's memory   Shocked

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