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Ron Francis Art Teacher Bryngwyn school

I recently bought 2 pictures which I believe were painted  by Ron Francis but cannot be sure.I would welcome any information regarding Mr Francis.Is He still alive does he still live in Abertillery. The 2 pictures that I believe he painted are both  caricatures and were painted in water colours. I know that the title of one of his paintings was Saints and Sinners which was based on a local village scene depicting men and women gossiping. Another picture was a caricature depicting men playing rugby. Both of these paintings would most probably have been displayed in local rugby clubs or working mens clubs. I would love to hear from anybody who remembers these paintings and who could confirm that these pictures were indeed painted by Ron Francis. I also would like to know of any other paintings he might have painted.I also believe that he might have worked for the bbc as a artist/ cartoonist in the 50s and 60s.Any information would be welcome

Ron was a teacher and taught me at Roseheyworth school. He was excellent,  one of my favourite teachers. He was also a really nice man. Later on he ran a pub in Blaina - the White Lion I think.

Sadly Ron passed away a little while ago.

Ron Francis Art Teacher Bryngwyn school

Ron's family were neighbors of my grandparents on Bennett St. in Blaina ('60s & '70s).  Ron's son, Roger, is still in the area.  Happy to pass on your email if you'd like. (I'm in USA)

Ron was my art teacher at Bryngwyn school. I posted on the forum about him before and learned that he had passed away some years ago.
He was by far the best teacher at the school and I learned a lot from him and as already been said he was a very nice man.

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