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Sad news

Yesterday we said goodbye to one of Abertillery's best-known characters, a one-time regular contributor to this board (who kept me very busy on occasions Smile )and a long-standing personal friend, David "Rockey" Rocke. I'm still trying to process the information really.

Let's hope that wherever he is, Rockey isn't in the same vicinity as another board regular Eddie Legge who also passed away some while ago. I think practically every board member must have fallen out with one or the other of these two at some time. It's been a much quieter place without the two of them.


My first post perhaps in five years or more...

I just heard about Dai Rocke passing away. Very sad news as I remember him well when growing up as a youngster.

When I adminstered this forum many moons ago, Dai caused me some difficulties on occasion shall we say by his desire to tell it straight as he saw it or thought it was. Martyn I know as you indicate had the same issues! But he always wanted the best for Abertillery it must be said whether you agreed or disagreed with him. My sympathy to friends and family.

RIP Rockey.

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