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Searching for Winifred Williams ...

Hello everyone ... can any of you help me??  Even perhaps just a small clue as to where I could search next??

I havenít got many facts Ė all I can do is tell you what little I know.  

Iím searching for any information possible on Winifred Williams.  In 1941 she gave birth to an illegitimate baby boy in the Allendale Maternity Home in Weston-Super-Mare.  However, in 1942 she was back in Wales, where she was born, and all I know is that, at that time, she was working in a Munitions Factory, and was living (probably lodging) with a Mr Thomas Frederick Parry and his wife in Cardiff.  I donít know the address.  I also donít know what Munitions Factory she was working in.  

Perhaps she was working at the Munitions Factory before she became pregnant and then, for whatever reason, travelled to Weston-Super-Mare for the birth of the baby.  She obviously didnít stay there after the birth, she went back to Cardiff Ė the babyís Adoption Papers were signed in Cardiff.  

Anyway, in 1942, she was working in a Munitions Factory and staying with Mr and Mrs Parry.  Perhaps, she worked at ROF Glascoed, or Currans, or Llanishen?  Do any of you know how, or where, I could possibly find out?

I have reached a complete brick wall in this search.  Iím desperate for a little help and any hints or clues, however small, would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks for taking the time to read this!
pent boy

glen chappelle

Hi JRB, check the post 6 below yours, "looking for Glen Chappelle" hes the guy who might be able to help you, he has the archives for Glascoed , but he might be able to put you in touch with someone from the other places. If she was living in Cardiff its probable she worked in llanishen. follow the link and send Glen a private message and watch for a reply at the top of your screen, best of luck with your search.

re winifred williams

My mother was called Winifred Williams-1921-1989-but i dont want to  build your hopes up as it would be such a common name in Wales-she worked in a munitions factory in caerwent(but i think much later) and lived in Alvington-glos-she was born Alvington or in lydney hospital. I was born in 1952-brought up by my grandparents-my father was an Irish/American called John Rynne-I have tried to find him for years-and my mother is not here to ask any more-she never discussed her past-so i know how heartbreaking it is to not know who you are-its possible she had another child-i clutch at straws myself-good luck in your search-Pauline

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