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Seriously weird film!

Just watched The Other Side of the Underneath.
The film was made in 1972 in and around Abertillery. The opening shots are from the Res and lakes in Cwmtillery with a shot of the American Tipper in the background.

Has anyone else seen this?  I was 12 at the time, living in Cwmtillery and don't remember it being made. It's a very weird x-rated film with more than a few naked women. I think I would have remembered it being filmed.

Hi Mal (think I know you  Very Happy ). Yes I've got a copy and yes it is very strange. I bought it because of the footage of Cwmtillery. The inside scenes were mostly in the South Wales Inn  - remember that place on West Bank? Also the night club scene was filmed in the Arael St club.

I remember following the film crew up the American Tipper, presumably as they filmed the ending.

Hi Martyn, I've sent you a pm


To be honest i did not yet watch this and i feel very interested about it.I was wondering what the movie story?

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