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Eddie legge

Shall we ever know

About time we new what really happened between ex councillor Rocke and his ex council leader Des Hillman
We know what Hillman thought of Cllr Rocke he had the confidence to give him a Special Responsibility job with a yearly salary of £7,000 that on top of his regular councillor wage of £13.000 not forgetting his wages from regular full time employment with Torfaen Council Rocke was then laughing all the way to the bank
And when Hillman was fighting off a damming Estyn report about our children’s Education, Rocke appeared to be very loyal and helpful  
In support of his leaders troubles Cllr Rock said any one of us councillors that tries to make political capital out of this should be resigned to losing the support of their constituents adding also General feelings is that we wouldn’t be in this position if Labour wasn’t in power down in Cardiff
Rocke would have us all believe the Estyn report was done because of an Independent led authority in Blaenau Gwent
Say anything to stay in power, and con the public, but when it became obvious to everyone that the Estyn report was genuine and his leader was going down a very rocky no confidence road I believe it was then we saw the true David Rocke
To be honest I could never find any thing good to say about either I did however feel more for Hillman than Rocke when the once loyal councillor went public asking his leader to resign, why that was done by him alone and not any other Independent councillor we shall never know
Truth being if for any reasons Rocke had fallen out with his leader he should not have made it public What kind of man I ask would look another in the eye today and stab him in the back tomorrow

Ian Jones

Rocke is not on the Council anymore Hasn't news reached Blaina yet?

Talking of people not being on the council any longer, let's see how many long term Councillor's and Executive's try to finish on "stress related issues" shall we.
And all because Blaenau Gwent has been reduced to the mess it is today.

Councillors can't get ill-health retirement Ian.
In any case they won't be stressed because they don't seem to face the public, be prepared to take the flak and try to explain the thinking (unlike some in the past).

As far as Officers are concerned, in past times of reorganisations there's been special arrangements made to compensate for jobs lost as a result.

You'll probably find masses opting for early retirement and perhaps having a few years added to their pensions, possibly coupled with enhanced redundancy payments.

Say anything to stay in power, and con the public[quote]

direct quote from your own parties manifesto? Rolling Eyes

Well, well, well, it's all gone very quiet hasn't it????????????

I suspect that the higher-ups have told the minions to leave it alone, just in case.
Eddie legge

Who says

What about a dummy Heart Attack

Re: Who says

Eddie legge wrote:
What about a dummy Heart Attack


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