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Eddie legge

Silly me again

Thank you IAN  I have  printed off to keep your helpful advice
Could Admin delete what isnt needed
this isnt the first time that I have posted the whole page
of an article, On this occasion  I believed what I had read was important not only to my generation but to all  
As a matter of interest my mother spent the last eight years of her life in care 14 years after she had sadly passed away we were told that
Alzheimer suffers did not have to pay for care, my family and I have been told we can claim back all that was taken from her  

Eddie Legge


As I have made pretty clear in the past, I have lots of better things to do with my time than edit your posts. Please edit it yourself to get rid of the irrelevant information. You obviously know how to edit a message - on the message you posted on the page below its states "Last edited by Eddie legge on 13 May 2012 04:05 pm; edited 3 times in total"

Thanks in advance.

Ian Jones

Re: Silly me again

[quote="Eddie legge:18237"]Thank you IAN  I have  printed off to keep your helpful advice.

Y/w Eddie.

Re: Silly me again

[quote="Ian Jones:18240"]
Eddie legge wrote:
Thank you IAN  I have  printed off to keep your helpful advice.

Y/w Eddie.

I hope it wasn't 'Every man's guide to clogging up server diskspace' Ian.  Very Happy

Hi Eddie
Where will I find this advice about alzheimers sufferers getting free care, my mother spent the last year of her life in a home and she suffered from alzheimers.
Eddie legge

Care home fees

To welshlizmiles Go into (Refund Care Home Fees) on internet
You will see a form to fill in
My brother and I were fortunate to have made a claim before Assembly dead line about two years ago, We have been told that we have a claim but still waiting for pay out
Some families have recovered the cost of selling a home for a loved one in care suffering with Alzheimers
I believe you can still claim even if you have to go through
All the best

Eddie Legge


     I have just returned from a glorious week in Scotland with friends; part of my reason for going was to be with an elderly lady who is starting the long alzheimers "pilgrimage". I have been instrumental in having her moved from one less caring "Home" to another better one. Even in a seven mile radius (in West Lothian) it is amazing how standards in the NHS vary.
But the point is that this lady (a retired hospital Sister herself), although she is having to pay with her own NHS pension, is not losing her marital home in which her husband still lives.
The Government here is changing the law on house sales in this matter. Also, being in a "Home" with dementia/alzheimers is no different from being in care because of frailty or general old age.
You must be very pleased about the BG election results.
Pride goes before a fall, as they say!
Eddie legge


Hello Bertie 22
Who dose it hurt most
Our mam didnt  know my brother or I
Alzheimers killed our dearest love
Before her time to die

My generation saw what our mothers went through
Cooking and boiling water on an open fire
Monday all day washing and scrubbing, fry up from Sunday for dinner  
Tuesday all day ironing
Who would have thought she would end her days alone
Our mother like other Alzheimers suffers could go back in time
I could say to her bloody raining now and you have got
a line of washing out, Get it in quick she would say    
Her brothers and sisters she still knew then,her youngest sister she would always mention ,Have you seen our Vella today,

As for the very pleasing B G  election results at age 76 I did hope to see it all again , I did think at age 80, but apparently now at 81 with five not four years for labour to rule Time for all to ask was Hillman a  fool

Eddie Legge

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