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Le Loup

Six Bells & Historical Information Wanted.

Hi everyone. I have been searching for information on the Cymro shepherds coat frock, how far back it goes. I was hoping to find information for the 18th century. If anyone has any info, it would be very much appreciated.

My Mother's Family, Evans, lived just above Six Bells station. I remember lying in bed as a kid & listening to the trains shunting. It used to make my bedroom window rattle.
My uncle Edwin kept pigeons out the back. I used to love wandering the mountain all day & every day. I could actually stand in the clouds up there, it was an incredible experience.

Now I live in a forest which I own in New South Wales. We have two houses, & whenever I go up to the cottage where my workshop is, it reminds me of when I used to walk up to my Uncle's pigeon croft. We live on a mountain, & it has the same feeling, except of course beyond the house & cottage it ia all forest.

I miss Abertillery still
Regards to all. Keith aka Le Loup.

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