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Six Bells Scouts

Here are a couple of photos that may bring back a lot of memories for some of us growing up in Six Bells during the 1950's.
Seven of us were given the Queen's Scout Award, namely:
Back Row (L-R) is Martin "Sid" Fowler, Edwin "Neff" Evans, Alan Jones and me (Jeff Thomas)
Front Row (L-R) is Tony Cavacuiti, Norman "Duke" Collins (Scoutmaster), Arthur "Skip" Smith (Scoutmaster) and Steve Gardner.
The missing member is Ray Legge, who was away working in London.
The second photo shows the whole troop, many names I can still remember....others, I'm afraid, long forgotten.
Great memories!
Jeff Thomas

The other phot shows

sixbells scouts

Hi Jeff,
    talk about faces long forgotten!!! I know who you are now, !!!Norman Collins, Arthur Smith,used to go around with his sister Vera and Rosaline Neilson etc. Didn`t  Martin Fowler`s  Mum used to have a shop, can`t remember which road they lived in,Edna Fowler she was very friendly with Mrs Hodges ,I think her husband Bill worked on  the buses,  Tony Cavacuti ofcourse Coronation St,   On the other photo in the back row is that Desmond Hill from Richmond Rd? I think Glyn Duggan would have been about this time as well

 Its lovely to see old photo`s trouble is it reminds you exactly how old  you are !!!!
Take care
pent boy


Hi Jeff and dragongirl, not being a six bells boy myself I dont know many of the faces, but I do recognise Howard Page 2nd from left in the back row and one of the girls might be Margaret Evans who was in the grammar school the same time as me. Not certain but I believe she married Hugh Williams who was in the same form as us and also lived in six bells.

Six Bells Scouts

Hi Pentboy
Thanks for some of the names, most of which I can remember. But you made me chuckle.....this was in the 1950's, so there were no girls!!! They lived next door in the Girl Guide hut. I think the face you're referring to is not Margaret Evans, but her brother Edwin (I'm still in touch with him, so he'll love that!!!!).
Best wishes

Six Bells Scouts

Hi again Pentboy and Dragongirl

I've been staring at the photos and dragging up names from the past. As far as I can remember they are:

Back Row (L-R) Keith Robinson, Howard Page, Des Hill, Norman Collins, Arthur Smith, Colin Jarrett, Tony Hooper, Harold English

3rd Row (L-R) Alan Forward, Graham ..., ?, ?, Ray Legge, Alan Watts, ?, John Hall, Terry Lewis, Steve Gardner

2nd row (L-R) ?, Clive Bourton, Gary Fowler, Edwin Evans, Ted ..., Jeff Thomas, Tony Cavacuiti, Alan Jones, ?, Martin Fowler

Front row.....all unknown

Hope that jogs a few memories.
pent boy


oops  Laughing

Third from the left in the second photo is my Dad Des Hill who sadly passed away in 1981.  I have fond memories of my parents being involved with Scouting during my childhood and of a trip with the Scouting family to Jersey.  The good old days.

Jeff,went to Sixbells scouts a long time after these photos were taken,nice to see some of their history.Harold English by the way is my cousin.

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