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Phillip T. Small

Six Bells

Does anyone have memories of getting a haircut by Chris Baker (I think) at the top of Eastville Road ? BTW one of the best views of the Guardian is from the top of Eastville....


hi Philip
Never had my hair cut by Mr Chris Baker but he definately lived near the top if not the top house in Eastville Rd !! I remember Mrs Baker dying and  a lot of comment that she`d left her body to Medical Research.
 They had two daughters,  the names Christine and Betty come to mind
but I didn`t know them well,

Hi Both

Didn't a woman called Alberta own the top house going up on the right, I believe she owned most of the street and rented the houses out.
Towards the bottom on the right lived The Turners and at the very bottom The Bullocks.
Opposite on the left was occupied by Nennie Williams and the top house on the left belonged to Ernie Wilson.

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