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pent boy

snow in 1962

I wonder how people complained about the snow or the council in 1962 or did they just accept the fact there was a lot of snow about and get on with things as best as they could.At the time I worked on Ralphs buses,and we could not get to Crumlin for 6 weeks.I was one of 2 conductors (remember them) on the first bus to Crumlin and we both had shovels in case we got stuck.The driver was Eddie Hughes from Blaina.
Even worse they did not have a bus over the top from Brynmawr to Blaenavon for about 11 weeks.When we did eventually make it the snow was higher than the buses each side of the road,it was like going through a tunnel.I dont remember hearing any complaints,only gratitude that we were at long last able to give them some kind of service again.In fact I can honestly say Garn er erw and Blaenavon people were the best and most appreciative passengers in the South Wales valleys all the year round.
Perhaps I am from the old school,but I cant imagine youngsters today doing what I did then.If my shift began before 05.20, which was the time my first bus from Sofrydd reached Abertillery, I would walk from the Sofrydd taking one and a half hours.I would also walk home at night if I finished after 10.38 .Good old days,ha ha. Laughing
Anthony Earl-Williams

Abertillery Grammar School

Pent Boy,
                           You are right. It was a bitter winter all over the country. Yes, we children obviously enjoyed it (I was 11 then) but I recall my father somehow had to get over to Ebbw Vale to work. I even remember that Alan Higgins' father worked near Newport and somehow struggled down the valley. I suppose he was picked up somewhere or maybe the train came up as far as Aberbeeg in the snow? Does anyone remember? Imagine  people doing that these days!
But no school for quite some time. I remember going to bed and praying for more snow! The colliery must have been OK because the men would presumably have dug a "tunnel" to get to the pit head or the council work lads did.
Weren't the Ralph's Buses grey coloured?  And wasn't there Williams' Buses too? I seem to remember them going down Queen Street.
pent boy


Hi Anthony,Ralphs buses were a lovely cream and white ,and you are right about Williams buses and they were the grey ones. They were a Blaina company I believe the depot was in Henwain st up behind the Queens hotel.My father caught their bus from Aber to Newbridge as he worked in the North Celynen colliery,I think they just did private hire and not service work.Of course in Aber you had 3 companies on local service work.Jones with the blue and yellow from Warm Turn,Colliers red buses whos depot was near the Salvatiun Army hall in the centre of town, and also Henlys from Penybont who are still going to this day.Thanks for digging up yet more nostalgia,69 today and it seems as if all I do lately is think of the past,hey ho Rolling Eyes
Anthony Earl-Williams

Snow in 1962

Dear Pentboy,
                        Many happy returns of the day!!  I'll be 60 next Wednesday - so you're Pisces  as well.
Just have to keep active, I guess, and as fit as we possibly can.
Yes, I well remember the Jones' Buses - used to use them frequently to go to Ebbw Vale, and my father did for years before he bought a car. He worked in the steelworks and that's why in the end my parents moved to Ebbw Vale - a mistake because they always missed Six Bells. I'd gone to college by then and had no say in the matter.
I used to love the OLD Colliers bus, coming down Bryngwyn Road. We were sometimes allowed as a treat to go on that to town but usually we walked!
Glad I found this site - so many memories. Have an enjoyable birthday.
pent boy

this site

Thank you Anthony for your kind wishes,yes I feel exactly the same about this forum,if its raining I just come up to the attic and get lost in my own little world.dont know if you have seen my post (happy anniversary) in general discussion,but just thought Iwould like to let them know what a good job they are doing for the likes of us amongst the 800 others that use this site.

snow 62

Hi Pent boy
   Belated Birthday Wishes I`m Pisces too= but a few years older than
   I remember working over the Nylons in the snow and travelling in a Williams Bus along Pontypool Rd was a nightmare !! They rattled enough in ordinary weather but snow was something else BUT we always got there and got home.!!!.
 Remembering is a privledge of Old Age the problem is when your short term  memory fails you - still you have to take each day as it comes and remember the good times

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