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Summers family

Please can anyone tell us more about the summers family that lived at  52 Duke St Abertillery. we know so far that their was three boys & four girls. Thx robertj Sad

Summers Family Duke St Abertillery

Hi Robert
I realise this request was posted a while ago but the only Summers
Family I can Find in Duke St  was on 1911 Census and that was at No39 Head was James Summers born 1878 in Camerton Somerset
Do you have any names,. there were lots of Summers families in
Abertillery If you have any other information I`ll try and find them for you.
For the record James had a wife, a daughter, a son and a niece
living with him

Summers family

Dragongirl, there's more information half way down page 2 on this family.
Probably no relation but Albert E Summers had The Bridge End Inn (1966-1974).

Sunners Family Duke St

Hi Stoob
 thank for info I looked at Page 2 and it was a James and Florence
 but a relative of the family posted they had info but doesn`t seem to have been taken up!!!
Regards Dragongirl
P.S Heard Ron Parsons died this week aged 89yrs I think Jean died a few years ago

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