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Teachers Recalled

I remember Arthur Handy as the woodwork teacher.  I wasn't exactly the best tradesman he'd ever had in his class, but I always found he treated me quite well.  Certainly he didn't suffer fools well, but in such a potentially dangerous environment he had to maintain  a strict adherence to safety rules.  No doubt some found this irksome.  I am ever indebted to him for his advice on sharpening a knife. 'Thin slices' was the go.

Also wanted to clear up some confusion regarding Percy Williams and Llewellyn Williams.  Percy was the History teacher and a thoroughly decent human being who had spent his 18th birthday in the trenches in France in World War I.  Llewellyn Williams was the Latin teacher.  A vindictive fellow who was always right, even when he was wrong.  Tall, gaunt and thoroughly lacking in the milk of human kindness.

Maybe it's a theme with woodwork teachers - I had Mr Welch at Roseheyworth - the dentist Tony Welch's father. He was also very strict I recall, but as you say, you probably have to be in that sort of environment.

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