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Eddie legge

Thank you dragongirl

dragongirl I did reply thanking you for  helping me to trace my
catholic priest uncle
Did you recieve my reply
Eddie Legge

Catholic Priest

Yes Eddie,
          you did thank me for my help with your Uncle.s death etc...
I hope your Cousin Margaret has success with the contacts suggested'
I must also  thank Ian Jones for his input on Whitstone Court - it was very interesting and informative
       I did History at school but it`s   suprising how much local History there is on your downstep that`s overlooked.
Ian Jones

Thank you Dragongirl glad I could be of help.
I have received help more than once myself from forum members it isn't all political bickering as some believe.
Martyn 142 was probs  the 1st person to help me on forum closely followed by Rockie who made a home visit to me as I was very new to the computer world at that time.
Rockie has offered help and home visits to other forum member's in the past it is a good thing we have people like them.

       - Abertillery Online Discussion Forum - Forum Index -> General Discussion
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