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Eddie legge

Thanks to Labour

Independants all opposed the closure of
Hafod Dawel residental home in Nantyglo
Trish Law and John Mason cried foul the loudest
John Mason said "I will never forgive labour for this"

ITíS pleasing to report on such a positive story from what was initially something quite negative.

Over the last six years, Blaenau Gwent council estimated it has saved £2.1m from the closure of residential homes Hafod Dawel and Plas-y-Coed in Ebbw Vale, Crawshay House in Brynmawr, and Cartref Aneurin Bevan in Tredegar.

That money was used to help support older and vulnerable people in their homes and for schemes such as new sheltered housing scheme Llys Nant y Mynydd, which opened in Nantyglo.

Residents there told us yesterday they feel like they have had a new lease of life since moving in, with excellent facilities and the opportunity to make new friends.

Voluntary organisations such as the Stroke Association and the Alzheimerís Society also received money.

Of course, the closure of the homes at the time would have not been welcomed and may have caused a lot of anxiety.

However, it is nice to see such a positive outcome to this story
Thanks to a labours strategy for the elderly to be living independantly in the twenty first century

Eddie Legge.

In other words, voting in an Independent-led Council turned a disaster into a triumph.

You'll need to do far better than that, o Loyal One.
Eddie legge

Fortnightly collections

It is still better to have collected a library than to have adopted one
Had the Independants been sucsessful in their campaign to stop the  
closer of residental care homes in Blaenau Gwent the elderly would have been badly let down
And it dosnt end there
When in 2007 Trish Law wrongly assumed that labour were going to
introduce  fortnightly rubish collections she said it would go down like a lead balloon in Blaenau Gwent, and the presant council leader John Mason said he was horrified at the prospect of fortnightly collections
he said it would lead to the build up of rubbish to the detriment of peoples health and well-being
To leave refuse lying about for up to a fortnight could also attract vermin and encourage fly-tiping
Should I dare to mention Civic cars
We cannot trust the word of an Independant they can change direction over night
Who said in June 2011 about his leaders troubles
And any one of us councillors that tries to make political capital out of this should be resigned to losing the support of their constituents
That very same person weeks later  had his leader Hung Drawn and Quartered

Eddie Legge

A modern day miracle.

Cllr John Mason's conversion on the road to Ebbw Vale !!!!!
Perhaps fortnightly collections aren't so bad after all.
It's nice to see that people do have free minds and, unblighted by dogma, are prepared to do or oversee things that they previously thought unacceptable, unlike the previous Leader of course who as the people's champion, leader of the sparse opposition, railed against the second Civic Car, only to prolong its use instead of getting rid of it.

I'm not blinded by lights, and most certainly not in awe of 'politicians'. I don't do blind devotion, so I don't need to do conversions. I look and listen, take in, consider and then act in what I consider to be the best interests of the people.

Bolitics let this council down, not disloyalty.
In fact I'd go as far as to say that in 'politics' the more loyal you are to your party/group or whatever, the less focussed you're likely to be on your real responsibility, to the people.

With regard to your stupid comment about political capital (you continue to show that you haven't the faintest understanding of how human beings and their thinking works) how much political capital was made out of it?

How many 'hurrahs' and how much gloating was there from The Party?
Not a lot, and not a lot since either.
Even the propaganda sheets that come through selected letterboxes are distancing 'The Party' from events.
Have you read it Eddie ?!!

'Acting in a supportive role' it says.
Supportive ?
Oh no, invoking actions isn't supportive, it's effectively taking control.
Have a look at the 'Out by the Back Way' thread Eddie.

I wonder if Cllr McCarthy will have the conversion that Cllr Mason had, or will the initiative started under Cllr McCarthy be seen to be the right choice before, during and after the elections?

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