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The blunder of it all.........

Coming from Tesco, just by the Library.
Yellow sign saying 'Alma St Closed. Follow diversion'.

Great - and I'm in the car.
20 yards further in the entrance to the Penndragon car park, another sign, saying 'Diversion' - with an arrow pointing up erm.... Alma St.
(ie by the side of the PD).

I took a gamble and went up Station Hill (well, it wasn't a gamble because cars were coming up and down it). No probs whatsoever.

Bet that'll be fun at rush hour.

Anyone care to surmise what it's all about?

Got another as well (and a piccy which I'll get around to putting up in the next couple of days).

The Level, above the Lakes.
A sign on the fence protecting the entrance and the channel where the water comes out.
'Warning - no Diving'.

The channel's about 2-3 feet across and 1 foot deep and I've never seen the water more than halfway up.

Walked through that area on Saturday and saw this sign,seemed abit strange I came to the concliusion it meant now diving actually into the level though. Smile

Saw a sign in Lincolnshire last week it said "Level crossing" wasn't though there were railway tracks in the middle made it really bumpy

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