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Anthony Earl-Williams

The British School, Abertillery

My father attended the Abertillery British School, junior and senior sections. This is back during the Great War, then into the 1920s.
I would like to know more about this school, not least when it was founded. Was it particularly connected with the non-conformist movement?
A letter from Margaret in Australia on the Queen Street thread has brought this to my mind.  She attended the British School; but wasn't it at first a boys' school?  And when did it close?
Are there any older Abertillerians who know more?

Seen the information you require somewhere, try googling gwent local history journal there's a couple of articles on Abertillery in issue 41.
It states on facebook this morning that former headmaster Ray Edmunds has passed on.

Yes it's in there on page 28 stating The British School opened on the 1st August 1855.
Good article that.

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