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The Navigators

St. Athans finest return to The Commercial next week (29) having taken a short sabbatical because of the sudden death of bass guitarist Bob Winter (47) in February.
Neil and Vince were going to retire but were persuaded otherwise by Bob's widow and children.
Chris Thomas who played bass with Racing Cars in the 70's has now permanently joined the band.
Following a mini tour of Tramore last week they are ready to rock Wales again, even if a tad rusty.
April 29 with free admission commencing 19.30.

[im1. The Navigators
Hello All.

Our gigs this weekend are:

Fri. 27th April - The Master Mariner, Barry
Sat. 28th April - The Cefn Mably, Penarth
Sun. 29th April - The Commercial, Abertillery (7.30pm)

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pent boy


Hi stoob,i can you tell me if the commercial  do live bands on Fridays or Saturdays. The reason I ask is my youngest plays in a band and they have played in "the bear" and are in " the dolls house in a couple of weeks time, but on their gig list the "commercial" is an absentee and I thought perhaps the reason could be that they only do live bands on a Sunday. Dont know what music tastes you have but if its rock or bluesy rock check out "Backstreetsymphony"at the "dolls house"on Saturday 12th of May a week next Saturday. If you like to listen to four excellent musicians and a singer with one of the best "rock" voices you are likely to hear in a local band I can promise you will not be disapointed. They are not your typical rock band, as they like to play some of the more obscure tracks from the better known bands and this seems to get really good feedback at every gig. these bands include The Doors, Lynnard Skynnard, ZZ Top,The Eagles, The Beatles, Thin Lizzie, Gary Moore, Blackfoot, Bob Segar, Joe Bonnamassa, Fleetwood Mac, and Rory Galagher. Cant think of the others off the top of my head, oh The Allman Brothers, and Neil Young just came to me and there are more. Perhaps I might see you there, it would be nice to put a face to a name, and that includes councillor Rocke and you Martyn as I have noticed that you both also like your music. Rock On.

Councillor Rocke was in last night "Pent", awesome band that delivered in spite of the hosepipe ban.
Back Street Symphony come recommended by Shell at The New Inn in Abercarn but unfortunately other than cancellations there are very few dates left in 2012 and last nights band are already looking at 2013 gigs.
Yes you are correct Commercial only does Sundays at the minute, why a landlord can't come up with a Friday night in this one horse town is beyond me.
Whilst I prefer bands that do their own material there are some fine cover bands out there with excellent "MUSICIANS".
Next weekend
Daggers @ The Dolls House
Revolver @ The Bear
Substitutes @ The Commercial

The Daggers get my vote,just great everytime I see them  Smile

Hi Pent, checked out Back Street Symphony and they do few Sundays because one of the guys works most Sundays.
Didn't realise that they are the old Katie Godspeed Band so I've seen them many times in the past albeit when Bex sang.
Can't get up The Dolls House either for a meet next week, off to the hippie market in Santa Eulalia maybe drag some stallholders back man.
Hopefully home to see Tom Hollister

Up and Coming

Saturday 12 May Back Street Symphony @ The Dolls House 9.00
Sunday 13 May Slack Ratchet @ The Commercial 7.30
Saturday 19 May Bomber @ The Dolls House 9.00
Sunday 20 May Ninth Gate (Tom Hollister) @ The Commercial 7.30
pent boy


Interesting to see Tom Hollister is on the list, when backstreetsymphony did I think their 3rd gig last year in the new inn abercarn, during the break Vaughan my son who is the drummer went to the bar and a chap started talking to him and asked him if he would play drums for his reformed band. That chap was Tom Hollister and Vaughan turned him down as he had put in 8 or 9 months practice with BSS and they had only just started out again so he felt he couldnt let them down at such an early stage. Whether he will regret it in the future, who knows.
pent boy

ninth gate

Just googled the name and ninth gate is a Seattle rock band ?

Pent you'll find Ninth Gate on gigall.
Chris Buck is also in the band, google him.
pent boy

chris buck

Brilliant young musician, with a bit of luck will get to the Mersh on the 20th, cheers Stoob.

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