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pent boy

the tumbleweeds

just been looking at photos on cwmtillery website and saw one of "the tumbleweeds",which brought back memories of some very happy times in the top hat club on tuesday and friday nights. for a local band i thought they were something special and always had the latest music at their fingertips in a very short that sticks in my mind is the house of the rising sun by the animals, i can picture tuala singing it now.two blaina boys,tuala the singer, garry lewis drummer,two six bells boys conway barry bass guitar, graham tucker rythm guitar and vocals,and one aber boy,  alwyn cleaton an excellent lead guitarist.sadly i know tuala and alwyn have both passed away.conway is well and living in griffithstown so his brother terry told me just last week.saw garry last about ten years ago in aber rugby club.called in before ebbw game with my brother, two other people in there, garry and a friend,my brother was in school with garry,started talking, and it turned out the night before we had been watching him playing drums for cannon and ball in the helmaen in usk so he has done well in his musical career.he was living up north, manchester? as for graham i havent seen him since a tumbleweeds reunion charity gig about fifteen/twenty years ago.where did the time go? Laughing

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